Mischa:  Ha!  That’s funny.

Me:  Awesome.

Mischa:  Although, what about replacing the word “fucking” with “damn”?

Me:  Shibas swear.

Mischa:  No they don’t.

Me:  Yeah, they do.

Mischa:  Tierce doesn’t swear. He mutters.

Me:  Just because he mutters profanity under his breath doesn’t mean he’s not swearing.

Mischa:  It just sounds crass.

Me:  And Tierce screaming because he doesn’t like his nails clipped isn’t?

Mischa:  That’s not “crass”.  That’s “shrill”.

Me:  Look, I’m the damn writer here.

Mischa: You see?  Damn sounds a lot better.

Me:  Yes.  In context.  In my world, Shibas swear.

Mischa:  Tierce would never be so crass.

Tierce:  That’s right.

Me:  Oh, don’t play us off against each other.

Tierce:  Why not?  Either way, I win.  Being a dog is awesome.

Me:  How about a nice refreshing bath and nail clip?

Tierce:  Fuck that shit.


Mischa:  I just heard a mutter.

Tierce:  You’re both arguing over interpreting a dog’s body language and sounds into the English language.  Priceless.  The only thing better would be for you to blog about this.

Me:  Hey, that’s a great idea!

Tierce:  @#*&!

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