A picture of the invalid

So, we got into the vet’s – one that his breeder and his grand-breeder have used for years. I found her competent and flexible, which is pretty damn valuable in a vet. We think that having that will make driving to Mill Bay worth the time and expense.

1 antibiotic for the hole in his head – he got a shot, so I don’t have to give this orally
2 antihistamines to help deal with his reaction: 1 once a day and 1, 2 pills 3x/day
1 bottle of ointment administered to a furiously wriggling dog: 2x/day
a hypoallergenic diet – pinto beans/sweet potato/peanut butter for taste, potato chips for snacks and/or Red Dog Deli‘s Herring/Veggie.

I still think it’s the shot. He just wasn’t tearing himself apart before this. The bad thing is, from what I’ve read, this could take months or years to resolve – or might not resolve itself at all. One thing is certain – Tierce is not going to get any more vaccinations. I’d rather do titers than put him through this again.

Now, I’m not totally against shots in general. However, I am seriously rethinking my attitude towards boosters after the initial puppy shots are given.


  1. Oh no! and how funny he looks. i’m very sorry, Tierce.. but you do look funny..

    i can see the attitude in his eyes.

    so ultimately, this vet feels it was his booster shot that did this to him?

    Poor baby.

    i do hope that the symptoms diminish and soon he can look like his normal adorable self again.

    Nikko’s Mom

  2. The vet said that she wasn’t sure. The only thing that changed in his life in the preceding month was the rabies shot, though.

  3. Poor Shiba guy. He looks absolutely miserable.

    The vet sounds as though she is on right track.

    My shiba gets an annual rattlesnake vaccine shot because of where we live. Each time I keep fingers crossed that she doesn’t have reaction–but buying the extra time for her thru vaccine is worth it.

    I think Tierce’s photo qualifies as a potential Icanhascheezeburger web entry with caption

    Sukoshi’s mom

  4. ihashotdog.com has very few shibas represented on it.. some very funny pictures though.

    Nikkos Mom

  5. I am very allergic to my shots and as a therapy dog, I need to have mine updated regularly.


    I feel for you, Tierce.

  6. The Shiba, what reactions do you have and how long do they take to wear off? Has your person considered titer testing or do therapy programs require actual shots, no ifs ands or buts?

  7. When shot time comes, I am started on a regime of Benadryl, and I get a large benadryl injection when I get my shots. The big one I have a reaction to is the distemper; I literally swell up in my face and get very sick. According to the vet, its not the shot itself but the additives that go with the shot that make me sick. Each type of rabies shot uses a different additive. As I lead a pretty organic and BARF lifestyle, the vet thinks that I am not used to the chemicals and have a lowered tolerance to them.

    I get a titer for Lyme’s and the other tick born diseases. I am due for one soon, in fact.

    I would itch more (The Woman thinks) if I was not on the Benadryl regime before and after the shots (a week before, and a week after). The first time with her I got my shots, I scratched my front legs almost raw. Now, it seems to go better- it’s not as noticeable when I get my shots although I do still scratch- just not as badly.

    I have to have the shots to be a therapy dog and rabies shot mandatory for my license. However, The Woman has me down to the bare minimum of shots- just rabies and distemper- to avoid as many problems as possible.

  8. The first time you got your shots with The Woman, how long did it take before you stopped scratching yourself? Tierce managed to scratch himself bloody today (we got him a dog T-shirt that he’ll have a harder time getting off) and I’m at my wit’s end!

  9. Honestly and sadly, it took about 2 months for my fur to start coming back and looking better (basically when my winter coat started to come in) so the Benadryl was continued again for a week-10 days since I often scratch as my coat comes in.

    (That Guy said to mention that I also scratch behind my ears raw and while I did not wear a cone, The Woman would a couple of times a day just lightly massage them for me so that I would feel better. We also had an ointment from the vet but the problem was if I scratched or chewed, it would just get all over everything else).

    They spent a lot of time distracting me.

    In Tierce’s case, how do you think he would react to booties so that claws don’t intersect with body?

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