A Family Drive

tiercedriveMe: Make up your mind which lane you want to be in.

Mischa: What, am I driving crazy? *jiggles steering wheel*

Me: Sure.

Mischa: Ha, would be funny if I popped a tire and we rolled to our deaths.

Me: Happy thoughts and all that.

Mischa: Except the dog.

Me: Well, one would hope.

Mischa: He would feast on our corpses.

Me: Because that’s not creepy at all.

Mischa: What’s creepy about it? Eat our corpses, Tierce!

Me: You’re deranged.

Mischa: What? It’s like recycling! He would get a few good meals out of us and we would return to nature via his digestive tract.

Me: Riiight.

Mischa: It’s the circle of life, Julie. The circle of life!