16 years ago

shassiSixteen years ago, a tiny little Shiba puppy toddled into my life and made Internet Shiba History a few years later when I discovered cyberspace.

I don’t think Shassi’s long for this world; my mom and aunt are going to take her to the vet for another evaluation.  As long as she’s content and pain free, we’re happy, but we don’t want her to be alive just because we want her to be.

Shassi was cute, funny, infuriating, shocking and completely turned my and my family’s lives upside down.  I still remember her padding around Susan’s living room, inspecting the curtains, while I signed the puppy buyer contract.  It was the best $600 we ever spent.

1224081904I’m a skeptic and have never seen or heard or read any evidence that would convince me that Shassi – or anyone, for that matter – is going to an afterlife.  However, if there is one that was suited to the person in question, I’m sure that Shassi will find herself back in Lake Cowichan, happily exploring lawns and gardens while keeping an eye out for our grasping hands.