The Misanthropic Shiba


  1. So obvious my dog is a mix…

    1. Courage/Boldness: Not so much. Loud scary bark, applied frequently, but hides behind me for protection when scared. (Except for the “Opussum Incident” last fall.)

    2. Goodnatured/Obedient/Loyal: Well, yes, except for the obedient. Has that Shiba talent for knowing *just* how far she can take it before I get really mad.

    3. Artlessness/Simplicity/Natural Beauty: Yes, on all counts. Strangers say “What a pretty dog!” Unless she’s blowing coat, in which case they say: “What’s wrong with your dog? Is it contagious?”

    Ah, Shibas.

  2. Hilarious…that is a Shiba in a nutshell. I’ve had the pleasure of three now…and they have been/are the epitome of the cartoon. 🙂

  3. Ha Ha – love it – I have 2 Shibas in Australia and this is exactly what they are like – they are beautiful and they know it – thats why they get away with been naughty!

  4. Oh Julie – whatever are we going to do about you? You do realize you are the only person in the world that their Shibas doesn’t listen to them, aren’t you? heheheheeee

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