Bad dreams

My leg is sore; I obviously need pizza to help me recover.

Last night I dreamed that Tierce had chewed through his leash and got hit by a car. I was frantic, because I didn’t have my phone and didn’t know where it was and I had to choose between leaving him in the street and finding my phone so I could call Mischa to rush us to the vet.

Mischa thinks it’s because I was so frightened about Tierce’s leg yesterday.  He seems okay today; last night he was weight bearing more – his leg is still obviously sore, but I don’t think anything’s torn or broken or out-of-place.

Funny things our minds do to us.

Plagiarism with Shibas?

Totally not my work... :)

Totally not my work... 🙂

Totally not my work... :)

Also totally not my work... 🙂

A comment to my Random Thoughts post by Tamara alerted me to a possible plaigarism scandal!  The picture that I linked to on the right and here bears more than a passing resemblance to the picture on the left and here.  Now I can see how stuff like this can go either way – if you’re creating art, what’s the difference between seeing a general theme and using it and copying someone else’s idea?  Thoughts?

This reminds me of a find I made a while back when searching for Shiba stuff.  I found a mousepad with a familiar picture – a picture of Tierce’s dad,  Ch. Sunojo’s Aporo Gami Go.  I emailed Sunojo about it and got the reply that it was indeed a stolen image.  It’s still up there.  eBay told me that if I was not the owner of the picture, they couldn’t do anything, but I think it’s a damned shame.


Interesting update to this: I got an email back from the eBay site owner stating that they had gotten the picture from a photo package.  So the plot thickens.  They sent me a nice letter, so I sent them a nice letter stating that they might want to contact Susan Norris-Jones, the kennel owner, to inform her of this.

Lost Shiba post

Bella is still at large: here’s her new website

A lost Shiba named “Mochi” is the cause of a furor over ‘Lost Dog’ signs. A Pittsburgh Shiba owner was threatened with thousands of dollars in fines by an unnamed Pittsburgh Department of Public Works employee. She had put up approximately 1000 fliers in the Pittsburgh area and said that the search for Mochi was hindered by the amount of time she and friends took to take them down.

We here at TMS appreciate the efforts of people who take down fliers if a lost dog is found or a search is called off, but to force an owner to take down the only link she may have to hundreds to thousands of people who might have seen her dog is moronic.


Shiba Brand… garbage bags

Their motto appears to be “Free Journey in Imagination”. Well, it’s admittedly true that many Shibas are extremely imaginative as to what they could eat and later shit out onto an expensive floor or vomit onto a pair of $200 Adidas. However, I am not the first person to advertise the Shiba as a prime candidate for filling these garbage bags via the strategically placed “X”.