Blogs of Note

I have added another section (finally!) to the Shibalog – Blogs of Note. If you have a Shiba or dog themed blog and want a link, let me know and I’ll check you out. I will add links at my discretion, so this isn’t an official link exchange. 🙂


No Next Day Pets

Speaking of selling, as I referenced in the 100th post of the Shibalog, you may notice that the ad for NextDayPets is gone from the Google ads that I have posted on the right.

I’m not a big fan of any website whose domain name basically encourages the buy-on-impulse-neglect-at-leisure attitude. “NextDayPets” is not something that I want to imply is just fine.

Furthermore, I’m not a supporter of a system that treats animals like anything else that you can buy on E-Bay, with a puppy paypal system:

Safe Payment Method – FeelSafe, Pet Pay!

FeelSafe, Pet Pay! – Learn More
  • Trusted payment and transaction management solution
  • Create and reference binding agreements readily accessible online 24/7
  • Listing details and images are saved and accessible online 24/7
  • Send payment for the puppy directly to the Seller using Pet Pay!
  • Accepted Payment Methods
    Sellers may accept one or more of the following types of payment: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, Wire Transfer, USPS Money Order and Cashier Check

    I don’t like it. I think that a pet purchase should be carefully thought out, not something you do on impulse, based on the picture of a cute puppy and an information line that looks like it was excerpted from an emo MSN conversation: OMG! These puppys R soooo cute! U should buy 1 cuz there gonna go kwik!!! LOLWTFBBQ!

    Thank you, no. I don’t need revenue from those kinds of referrals.


    I was going to sell my soul on this post, but…

    this is the 100th post! Yay, us!