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How things have changed

I found a dog training book: Paul Loeb’s Complete Book of Dog Training, by (perhaps unsurprisingly) Paul Loeb.  Copyright 1974.


The training advice is based around dominance theory, not really surprising, given the era.

Tierce:  I don’t buy dominance theory. I don’t care if you run everything. Saves me paperwork. Speaking of that, have you done your taxes yet?

Me:  Shut up.  Hey, you got off lucky with the housebreaking.

Tierce:  I came housebroken. What’s your point?

Me:  Take a look.



Tierce:  And he has a helpful illustration. Are you sure this isn’t one of those witch hunting instruction manuals?

Me:  Pretty sure. I didn’t see any descriptions of thumb-screws or Iron Maidens.

Tierce:  Close enough, though. I agree with whoever annotated the page with, “I would never do this!  Barbaric + cruel”.

Me:  Yeah, pretty much.

Tierce:  Besides, why torment a defenseless puppy with just a taste of poop and not give them the whole thing?

Me:  I’m going to pretend you never said that.

Tierce:  If anyone tried that with me, their house would be smoking rubble within 12 hours.

Me:  Well, in that case, this guy has a solution…


Tierce:  What is up with the vinegar and Tabasco fetish?

Me:  Beats me. Speaking of that, this is how I should teach you not to bite.


Tierce:  ‘Set up possible nipping situations with the dog and the children.’  Now, that doesn’t sound like anything could go wrong there.

Me:  Sounds a little risky. ” Okay, Caitlin, take Puppy’s ears and yank really hard…”

Tierce. Ugh.

Me:  Doesn’t sound as bad as this situation.


Tierce:  Who the hell are these people?

Me:  Well, people thought differently back then.  Dominance theory was probably the best explanation people had for dog behaviour.

Tierce:  ‘Back then’?  You were born in the seventies, weren’t you?

Me:  Well… yeah.

Tierce:  How old are you?

Me:  Let’s move on. Hey, you can tell this was made in the seventies.

Tierce:  Aside from the cover?

Me:  Yeah. First, look at this.


Tierce:  That seems awfully specific. Hey, it says that I can have tobacco and liquor if prescribed by a vet.

Me:  Uh, no.

Tierce:  But beer tastes really good.

Me:  What?  When did you drink beer?

Tierce:  When we visited those friends of yours and someone spilled a Bud Light on the porch.

Me:  That’s what that was?

Tierce:  I actually liked the Canadian better.

Me:  What?

Tierce:  Someone else spilled that later.

Me:  No beer!

Tierce:  In dog years, I’m well above the age of majority.

Me:  No. No beer, no hamsters, no dead birds.

Tierce:  A predator is ever aware of opportunity.

Me:  Hey, this guy has a solution for that.


Tierce:  That’s considerate of him to make sure a snack is always within my reach. And I can perfume the house with it. Like air freshener.

Me:  That’s never happening.

Tierce:  Aww.

Me:  He doesn’t seem to have a good opinion of attack trained dogs.

Tierce:  Neither do I. You have a 99% less chance of getting treats if you bite people, so they tell me.


Tierce:  Holy shit, is that really what happens?

Me:  Not in my experience. I have no idea who this guy was chumming around with, but that’s not how RCMP dogs are trained. And the Schutzhund people I know don’t do that; they say that associating protection training with negative reinforcement is the exact wrong thing to do.

Tierce:  So, what’s the second thing?

Me:  This.


Tierce: The Hell’s Angel of the dog world. Huh.

Me:  What’s missing?

Tierce:  Have no clue.

Me:  No mention of pit bulls.  Anywhere.

Tierce:  Interesting.

Me:  Yup.

Tierce:  I’m kind of glad you went with clicker training.

Me:  I’m sure we both are.

Tierce Theatre

Observational eating

Me: Tierce is really hungry lately.

Mischa: I think it’s the Prednisone he’s on.* Now that it’s fall, we can cut him down to 1 pill a day.

Me: That’s a good idea. Maybe then he won’t go on scavenging missions for our Wendy’s food wrappers.

Tierce: I’m hungry.

Me: How would you like a nice, crispy apple?

Tierce: Um. I want your Chinese food more.

Me: Just try it.

Tierce: No.

Mischa: Try eating a piece. I read somewhere that dogs prefer eating what they see people eat.

Me: I don’t think that me eating a piece of apple will convince Tierce to eat a piece of apple.

Mischa: Give him a piece.

Tierce: What’s this?

Me: The fount of all things good.

Mischa: It’s a yummy apple, Tierce.

Me: He’s not gonna eat it. He’s just pushing it around the floor with his nose… well, I’ll be damned.

Mischa: See?

Tierce: Well, it can’t be that bad. I mean, you ate it.

Me: Huh. Want another?

Tierce: Sure.

Me: I guess it really works.

Mischa: Bring the bowl into the living room. He won’t want to eat the slices when he gets a whiff of what we’re eating. But, if we hand him pieces of apple when he begs us for Chinese food, he won’t know the difference.

Me: Okay, that I don’t believe.

Tierce: That smells way better than this crispy shit. Can I have some of that?

Me: Uh, sure. Here you go.

Tierce: ‘Dis tastes a ‘ot ‘ike apple.

Me: It’s sweet and sour pork, I swear. Have another.

Tierce: Yay! Wait…

Me: I can’t believe this. He’s really buying it.

Mischa: I told you.

Tierce: You know, I think you’re trying to sell me something… I’m going over to see Mischa.

Mischa: Here you go.

Tierce: What’s that?

Mischa: Ginger beef.

Tierce: That smells a lot like apple.

Mischa: Well, it’s special ginger beef. Apple ginger beef.

Tierce: Well… okay.

Me: This is awesome. I can’t believe we haven’t tried this before. I’m going to try carrots next.

Tierce: I hate carrots.

Me: Not when we market them as cheese puffs!

*Tierce is on Vanectyl-P for his seasonal allergies, which are vicious. Yes, we’ve changed his diet. Multiple times. Yes, we’ve tried Atopica. Yes, we’ve had him tested. This is just what works. For now. Yes, I am aware of the health issues. Why, yes, I have gotten lectured by multiple people about how it’s evil and bad and will kill him some day.

Tierce Theatre

The Bathing

This post was brought to you in part by the Shiba Prom Haiku Contest, which Tierce won.

Tierce: I am never going along with any of your crackpot schemes again!

Me: Don’t knock yourself. You’re a very talented poet.

Tierce: Burn in hell!

It was also brought to you in part by Filthy Farmdog soap.
Tierce was less than impressed by the whole contest winning experience. However, I was thrilled.
And, because I’m an evil dog owner who wants Tierce to suffer, I was ecstatic to make use of the Filthy Farmdog soap for the first time.
Tierce was not impressed.
But I was.
And the results were worth the damage to Tierce’s psyche


Tierce Welcomes Mischa Home

I’m going to remember this at Christmas, Tierce.


If it can be worn by a cat, it can be worn by a Shiba!

Sony makes device that livetweets for cats

Currently, only fixed phrases can be used as comments for Twitter, and there are 11 phrases available. But Sony CSL is planning to increase the number of phrases and add a function to change comments in accordance with the preceding action. For example, if a cat eats something after taking a walk, a comment like “Meals taste better after a walk” is posted on Twitter, the company said.

Oh, I want this.  Want, want, want.  Tierce’s life will be Tweeted to all and sundry.

TierceTheShiba is sleeping
8:23 AM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba First pee of the day!
9:03 AM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba just got his allergy pill. 
11:59 AM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is going for a walk!  Awesome!
12:24 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is loose and keeping away from Mischa.  Haha, catch me now, fucker!
12:53 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is back on the leash.
1:03 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is barking at that weird kid next door.  IT’S RIDING A TRICYCLE.
2:47 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba Julie’s home!  Awesome! 
4:32 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba She isn’t taking to me to the dog park right away.  She sucks.
4:36 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is napping
5:09 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba Walk!  Awesome!
5:38 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba DOG PARK!
6:01 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is eating that crappy hypoallergenic dog food. 
8:27 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba is sleeping
10:43 PM June 3, 2010 via that thing i wear

TierceTheShiba Last pee.
12:13 AM June 4, 2010 via that thing i wear


Newcastle Island

Newcastle Island is a provincial park just opposite Nanaimo’s Maffeo-Sutton Park, downtown.  This is Tierce and me on the way back.  Take a look at our adventure!


Allergies in dogs blooming

Pet allergies bloom with spring

It’s spring and Cody, a 6-year-old Shiba Inu, incessantly licks his hind paws.

“He eats his paws raw,” said owner Mary Dolce, a Lombard resident. “It’s definitely seasonal,” she said. “There is just something outside that he is allergic to.”


Dolce says that she wipes Cody’s paws whenever he comes in from playing outside. When Cody’s allergies get bad enough, she gives him non-prescription Benedryl and applies Genesis, a prescribed topical spray to control itching.

I’ve never given Tierce Benadryl because I was not sure how it would interact with the Atopica.  If things got bad and I didn’t have any Atopica with me, I’d consider it, but so far the Atopica seems to be controlling his symptoms.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Tierce!

Three years ago, Tierce was born!

Photo by Mike & Marg Jones of Anautuk Kennels

He’s a lot bigger now.

Happy Birthday, Tierce!


Pictures of the past

Tierce is in the dog park, Shassi is out.


Tierce’s Problems With Kids

Despite regular exposure to children, Tierce is still nervous around the smaller ones.  He’s okay around kids that are 10 or so and the children he was regularly exposed to over the years, but he is nervous around smaller, running, screaming children.

It’s not that Tierce tries to snap or bite, but he does shy away and bark, which always makes me want to say defensively, “I did socialize him with children!  I did!  I did!”  I usually settle for a sharp, “No!” and a leash correction, but this doesn’t seem to solve much.

I get the kids around Tierce to feed him treats as often as possible and interact with him, but this only serves to make him feel more kindly towards *them*, not kids in general.

Shassi, as I mentioned before, was fine with kids of all ages and she didn’t have a huge amount of exposure to toddlers.

While Tierce’s attitude is not a danger to himself or other people, as he’s never offered to snap at or bite children, I don’t like it very much.  Suggestions?