Things I’ve missed while my husband was getting a kidney transplant

Okay, for those of you who haven’t been noting the sporadic messages, my husband had a kidney transplant in July and is now home. There was much rejoicing for HIM.  However, I’ve been missing in action on the blog, being content to update the TMS Facebook group with links and interesting information.

We got the call on July 2nd, 2009.  So, between then and now:

Abby Toll got 30 days in jail for the taping of Rex (now Yoshi) to her refrigerator.  We’re happy that there is actual jail time involved, but of course 30 days is really nothing.  Typically, there are the claims that Toll is actually a pure and sweet innocent from up on high:

Toll’s mother, Sherry, told the court that her daughter had grown up with pets and loved them dearly.

“Her history with animals is extraordinary,” she said. “Her real true love are dogs.”

Ah huh.  You know, when I express love towards Tierce, it usually involves something ripped off a dead animal shoved into his gob.

But, hey, we all make errors in judgement, right?  You know, when you’re stressed with your relationship and health problems, it’s EASY to make the mistake of tying your dog’s paws together with rubber bands, wrapping a rubber band around his muzzle and duct-taping him to a refrigerator.  Happens all the time.  “Gee, officer, I was going to feed him a MilkBone, but I accidentally rubber-banded him and duct-taped him to the fridge!”

ANYWAY, we can be in some way grateful that Abby Toll is such a malicious, abusive person towards animals, because Yoshi is now living the good life with people who love him.  Let’s hope that Toll serves her time (a motion to delay the sentence was denied)  and leaves with an intense desire to never own another dog.

Stupidity involving Shibas seemed to be the theme for the past 2 months.
Copper the Shiba Inu missing from Franklin County, KY

Image from Copper's Facebook Group. Click on the image to join!

In Kentucky, the Franklin “Humane” Society had a 10 year old Shiba dumped because employees thought it was a coyote.  “Copper” is still at large and the president of the Franklin Humane Society, John Forbes, has resigned.

[Captain] Ray Kinney, was called and was told by the Humane Society Director Regina McDaniel that the coyote had to go, according to [Maj. Fred] Deaton.

Okay, I can give a layman a pass on Shiba identification.  I can even give the police a pass.  But Humane society employees? The Humane Society director?

Also, if there’s an animal that peacefully submits to being handled and led around on a lead, how the hell does that translate to ‘wild animal, able to fend for itself in a natural environment’?  Even if Copper was a coyote, the Humane Society would still have fucked up by releasing a human-habituated animal into the wilderness.  As wildlife rehabilitators know, many wild animals that are brought up by humans never attain the skills that make it possible for them to survive in the wild.*

But it’s all okay, right?  Because Regina McDaniel issued a half-assed apology.

“If I misidentified the dog, I apologize to Ms. (Lori) Goodlett and her family,” McDaniel said Friday in her first interview on the matter.

If you misidentified the dog?  If??!  You identified a Shiba inu as a coyote and insisted that it be released into the wild.  That’s misidentification!  There’s really not a lot of room for “ifs” here.

McDaniel, manager of the Franklin County Humane Society, said the animal she looked at “didn’t look like a dog,” or the picture of Copper in The State Journal.

“The animal I looked at was very ragged. Chunks of fur were coming out of its coat. Its tail was straight back and it had pointy ears.
“One of our staff said it looked like a coyote, so I went on the Internet and looked, and it did look like a coyote.
“We’re not allowed to house any wildlife. As shelter manager, I’m responsible for all the animals and staff.”

I hope McDaniel never picks up Tierce when he's blowing coat.

I shudder to think what McDaniel does with dogs that bear a superficial resemblance to pit bulls.

The reward for Copper’s return is well over $1000, but her owner, Lori Goodlett, has scant hope.

Join the Justice for Copper Facebook page!


*I hesitate to say “tame” because this implies to many people “suitable for human companionship” when in fact they require specialized handling and behaviour modification to accustom them to the human world.  Even then many wild animals are unpredictable and not suited for the average individual.

I try to be fair

Today I was in Bosleys, buying Tierce some shampoo, when a girl brought in a puppy.  The puppy looked like a German Shepherd mix.  He was alert and curious, but when he trotted forward to explore the store, it was apparent that something was wrong.  The puppy’s right front leg was the worst; the leg sloped straight down from the shoulder as it should, but suddenly veered inward and then out, like someone had kicked Mr. Puppy’s front legs out from under him and they had healed crooked.  His tail was gray, scaly and dead two inches from the tip.

I asked where he came from and the lady with the girl said, “The rez.”  We all nodded our heads.  In Nanaimo, when someone says “from the rez”, we pretty much don’t have to ask why a dog looks unhealthy.  Dogs from the reservation generally come with a whole host of problems stemming from neglect and sometimes outright abuse.  She said that a friend of hers was jogging through the reservation when she saw a group of teenagers dragging the puppy with a shoelace.  She stopped them and demanded the puppy, which they gave up with a cheery, “Here you go!”

I try to be fair.  I’m not fool enough to think that race or culture invariably means that people are going to abuse their animals.  There are plenty of people from all cultures who are absolute shits towards their dogs.  However, when I see the condition of animals rescued from the reserve, I want to scream, “WHAT THE FUCK?!  WHY DO YOU HAVE ANIMALS IF YOU CAN’T OR WON’T TAKE CARE OF THEM?!”  I mean, we have the Internet, we have veterinarians.  The reservation is not in butt-fuck nowhere; it’s about 5-10 minutes from Petroglyph Veterinary.

Okay, so I’m probably speaking from Caucasian lower-class privilege.  No, I don’t intimately understand the many factors that contribute to the abuse and neglect of dogs on reservations.  I’m sure there are plenty of reasons: different culture, lack of education, lack of resources, etc.  I know all about having to decide whether you’re going to eat or if you’re going to take your dog to the vet.  I still cannot comprehend this kind of attitude.  Maybe someone can explain it to me.

There is some hope for Mr. Puppy.  If his health problems aren’t too serious, the family who brought him in will adopt him.  He is alert and friendly.  He seems unaffected by his joint issues and eagerly attacked a biscuit offered by the Bosleys staff.  It could come off all right for him.

But as for the rest of the dogs still on the reservations, I can only quote a lady who had worked in them rescuing dogs for years:  “They are big on the totem of the Wolf and the Bear, but what about the Dog and the Cat?”

Reserve Dog Liberation – blog about dogs on First Nations reserves

BC SPCA First Nations Spay/Neuter Study 2003

Big Heart Rescue Society – Working to promote S/N and vaccination in remote First Nations Reserves in BC

Family calls for dogs to be banned in public parks after dog attacks

Family calls for dogs to be banned in public parks

On Monday, three-year-old Caidynce King was bitten in the face by a Rottweiler tied to the bleachers while his owner watched a baseball game.  Reports vary on the attack.

Three-year-old Caidynce King was also at the diamonds with her family but wandered away and “ended up coming behind these two dogs,” said Gord McMahon, a peace officer with City of Grande Prairie.

When the child fell on top of the larger dog, it turned and bit her, McMahon said. –

However, another report says the child was playing with two dogs when the attack occurred.  The parents claim that she was running past the dogs to her mother.  The owner claims that her dog had been around kids before and that the little girl approached the dogs.  She told CTV that she was jumping down to be with “Charlie” when the bite happened.  The dog that bit the girl will not be destroyed, but will be required to be strictly controlled and monitored.  The owner is being charged with having an animal that “bites, attacks or injures a person.” The violation carries a fine between $200 and $2,500.

From what I have read, I think this is failure on both sides.  Parents should never let their young children approach strange dogs, run past them or play with them in a manner that involves anything approaching roughhousing.  Dog owners should be paying attention to their dogs in a public area and aware of who is approaching them and what is happening around them.

Even if one party is stupid enough to encourage an unsafe child/dog interaction does not make it all right for the other party to just sit back and let it happen. – Me.

However, the Kings’ call for a banning of dogs in public parks is just absurd and fortunately, the city is not considering changes to the bylaw allowing on-leash dogs in city parks.  More little kids are killed by cars than by dogs, but I don’t see people lobbying to remove cars from the city streets.  I’m wondering whether this is guilt speaking, much like the Ranfones and their pet door warning crusade.  No, it shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it does and I’m scratching my head why the Kings think that banning dogs from public parks is better than ensuring that their child never approaches another dog without close parental supervision.

Worst. Website. Ever.

This website will tell you everything that you never knew about the wolf.  Apparently, while we have been mistaking them for wild canines with their own instincts and behaviour patterns, these “wolf” breeders have discovered that:

Wolves are really cats, they are really Lassie, only a wolf

Since our wolves are not aggressive and not natural born killers, our animals are raised not to hurt anything including your pets or livestock. They are gentle.

Just let them run loose with your lambs and small children!

Wolves don’t have prey drive, they’re ideal for guides for the blind and day care centres and truckers

Since our wolves eat puppy food they have no need to hunt and so show no signs of aggression towards other animals.

You see, they aren’t actually wolves.  They’re angels in furry clothing.

Wolves are better than any guard dog that ever lived, they are telepathic through smell, they are living sponges and are insect-repellent

Feline wolves eat bugs including flies, scorpion , ants yes even red ants, and spiders like tarantulas.

Wolves could even take care of a fly and tic problems.  A wolf has the ability to soak up moister through their skin.  When the fly or tic get on the wolf the moisture is sucked out of pests which kills them.  Over time they could clean your yard from these nuisances.

So there you go folks.  Wolves are actually avatars for The Great Spirit of Nature.  Lassie has nothing on these wolves.  They could take on Chuck Norris and win.  If you took these wolves to Afghanistan, they would find Osama bin Laden in three days and then alert American troops to his position by howling in Morse Code.

Sign their guestbook!  Thank the nice people for telling you all about wolves.

Parents blame dog doors for lack of supervision

Consumer Alert: Pet doors could cause your children to DIE

I found this link today, although it’s a few weeks old.  A family loses their small child to drowning because he found out he could crawl through the dog door.  Now they’re suing the dog door manufacturers because it was somehow their fault for not telling them that a small child could get through a door meant for a dog or cat.

From the link above:

The PetSafe door in the Ranfone home contained no warning to parents of the possible danger on its package or product instructions.

She was outraged to learn that many children had died under similar circumstances before her son.

“It was just unbelievable to me that all of these accidents happened as a result of doggie doors and how come I wasn’t informed,” she told ABC News.

She’s even got a website.

I have a strong suspicion that the reason that she hasn’t heard much about tragic accidents involving children and pet doors is because the parents accepted that it was their fault for not ensuring that the child could not go through the pet door.  However, it seems like it’s the fashion to wave one’s irresponsibility/stupidity/thoughtlessness out in public, in hope of getting money or attention.  Maybe the Ranfones simply don’t want to accept that, if one of them had taken the time to secure the pet door, their son would be alive.  However, instead of nursing their hurts, they chose to threaten the livelihood of a manufacturer who made the mistake of expecting that normal, functioning adults could comprehend a normal, functioning pet door.

Rex’s tormenter allowed to live with another dog

Abby Toll

Abby Toll

Accused animal abuser OK to live with mother, dog in Chicago

Abby Toll, the woman who allegedly taped the Shiba inu, Rex, to her refrigerator is allowed to leave the state to head to Chicago.  There, she will live with her mother and her mother’s dog.  There is no report as to whether the mother is going to leave her dog alone with Toll; I certainly hope not.

Toll’s boyfriend/punching bag, Bryan Beck has a court appointment on Thursday for a pre-trial conference.  No word on whether he has obliging relatives with pets.

Facebook Group “Justice for Rex” passes 200

We have 218 people on the Facebook group “Justice for Rex“!  To date, there are 13 photos of Shibas who want justice for Rex and we’re hoping for more 🙂  This group is exciting, because there have been some donations made to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Rex’s name which were attributable to the group’s publicity.  🙂  However, there are many Shiba and general interest bloggers who have also done a lot to publicize Rex’s plight and get people interested in helping him and other abused and needy dogs.

I’m thinking of making a video (using a stuffed toy, not Tierce, ha ha) to illustrate to people what this kind of thing would actually do to a dog.  I’ll have to find a suitable Shiba-like toy that I can use and find the battery charger for the camera.


Rex Updates

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has a page for Rex.  If you can find it in your heart (and pocketbook), make a donation for Rex there.  Or donate to your own local SPCA/humane society/rescue.  After all, Shibas are dogs and abused dogs need our help and support.  🙂

Abby Toll, who allegedly did this to Rex, appeared in court today.

Now, on to some happy things:

Shiba Inu Crochet Pattern (Etsy)

Waste of Skin Charged in Rex’s Case

Rex’s owner gives up custody

Rex, a 2-year-old shiba inu, will be put up for adoption as soon as he goes through some basic training and behavior modification exercises at the shelter, CEO Lisa Pedersen said.

“Our training staff is working with him to get him over his fear issues, to get him more socialized with people so he can trust humans again,” Pedersen said.

As I was thinking, the boyfriend is being suspected of abuse as well.  What a pair.

I wish there was a sorry-we-can’t-risk-your-breeding automatic vasectomy/tubal ligation for cases like these.  We certainly wouldn’t want either of these morons educating children in their way of thinking.  “Hey, kids, you bored?  Here’s a needle, a puppy and some packing tape!  Have fun!”

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