Watch for the Shiba!

Here are a couple of stills I captured:


Japanese Shiba branding

Construction Shiba
Shiba operating a tract crane - an owner's worst nightmare?

I am a point ‘n click game fan and one of the games I went to happened to be on a site that had, I noticed, some cute Shiba branding. The site is called and I have no clue what it’s all about, except that it has a little Shiba as one of its mascots.

I have no clue what this is saying.  It looks like a game site, but I can’t be sure.  Hell, I don’t know if it’s advertising anything safe or legal.  But the graphics are cute.  Give them your money.

Come to think of it, the little Shiba below looks a lot like a picture I have up on my Tierce for Baron blog (long story – I’m campaigning for Tierce to become the figurehead for my SCA group).

Shiba title


Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Returns!

The Shiba inu puppy cam litter now have successors for 2010!

Click here to go to the live Shiba inu puppy cam

Proud Kika is the mother of 5 pups. While I shudder at the thought of the Shiba becoming the new “in” breed, I really have to give the couple who own Kika snaps for encouraging responsible puppy buying and Shiba ownership. They have made the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam into a vehicle to encourage donations to Shiba Rescue, so if you need a calendar, head on over to to buy the 2010 Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Calendar.

Currently, the official website,, is not showing pics of the new pups, but I’m sure that in ensuing weeks, new information will be popping up.


“Hachi” is coming out soon… and K9 Solutions has a mission for you!

Calling ALL dog lovers!

In honour of the effort by concerned dog lovers, I present to you these wonderful shirts, which I have made to aid people looking to educate others about the Shiba Inu.  No, I’m not for blindly urging people not to get Shibas, especially if they sound like people who are prepared for the kind of ‘interesting life’ owning a Shiba will give them.  However, I think the statement will provoke conversations which, if people are polite and informative, could lead the way for education about Shibas and responsible dog buying in general.  K9 Solutions has links to flyers that you can give people if they want some more information.

No Buy Shiba Cafepress Store

No Buy Shiba Value T-Shirt
No Buy Shiba Value T-Shirt

No Buy Shiba Dark T-Shirt
No Buy Shiba Dark T-Shirt

These shirts come in other styles and colors.  There are also mugs, stickers and buttons.  By purchasing these items, you will both put yourself in the position to educate people about the Shiba (and Akita) and fund Tierce’s beef stick chewing ambitions.


Movie with Shibas… pretending to be Akitas…

Check out this post on the Shiba Inu Spirit Blog

First reaction:  Hachiko… oh hey, it’s a story about that Akita that waited for his dead master every day for years.  AWESOME!

Second reaction:  OMG SHIBA SQUEEE!

Third reaction:  Wait a minute… that Shiba is supposed to be an Akita puppy?  MOVIE RUINED.

Fourth reaction:  Oh, god, now Shibas are going to be in the North American public eye!  PANIC.


ETA:  Here’s a clip from the 1987 movie Hachiko monogatori – starring a real Akita puppy playing Hachiko as a young dog, even!

Thanks to Gail who sent me this!

Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Hachiko



The Shiba inu joins a top 10 list.  Yay.

Some varieties are hard to breed, such as bulldogs, she said. The French bulldog, new on the list and sharing 10th place with the Shiba Inu, “has risen in popularity. It’s a cute little dog, small, and it sells for a big price.”

“We need to have careful breeding. When you have a breed that a lot of people want to get, you find novices getting into breeding for fun and money. One of the heartaches is when so many people want to have puppies, it can damage a breed,” Cadiz said.

Oh, please, popularity, stay away from my breed, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.  If the words, “cool”, “in”, “latest”, “hot”, or “style” are in any way involved with your desire to get any breed, it’s pretty much a sure sign that you shouldn’t get one.


Remember Buddy?

The Shiba who gnawed his leg down to the bone has had some closure.

Owner of dog who gnawed own leg takes plea deal

Honestly, didn’t the guy ever hear of Elizabethan collars or muzzles? Duct tape is one of Dog’s gifts to mankind, but it isn’t the solution to a medical problem like this.


Don’t let them hang with the cool kids

Shassi was born on August 27, 1993. When I started showing her in 1994, I was often the only person nervously trotting back and forth in the breed ring. I have a bagful of impressively coloured ribbons, but Shassi only achieved 9 points before an unfortunate incident involving my father, an open car door, and the highway going through Cloverdale, BC marked the end of her show career.

Back in 1993, somebody casually recognizing Shassi as a Shiba was cause for throwing a mini-party. It meant that I could talk to someone who understood. Back then the only people who recognized Shibas were Shiba owners or the owners of some breeds who greatly resembled a Shiba in looks and temperament.

In 2008, “Hey, that’s a Shiba!” means that someone has a friend or a relative with one or considered one as a pet. This means that Shibas are (slowly) becoming more popular. 16 years after the Shiba Inu was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club, they are slowly becoming mainstream. With Tierce, proper breed identification stands at about 33%. The other 67% is broken down into “What kind of dog is that?”, “Is that a Chow mix?”, and other haphazard breed guesses, with the most points going to people who at least name some variety of spitz breed. From one or two breeders on Vancouver Island, I can count at least five who are closely involved with breeding Shibas.

Popularity has its ups and its downs. On the plus side, I can now find Shiba merchandise at the local dog biscuit kiosk that also peddles breed-specific keychains, stickers, and other memorabilia. People actually recognize my dog’s breed! It’s easier to convince people of the Shiba’s unsuitability for their lives when they have a vague memory of the problems that their brother’s friend’s nephew’s sister’s dog’s best friend’s owner went through.

On the negative side, the Shiba can now be found in pet shops and bred by unscrupulous fucking idiots. The more common a breed gets, the more likely that members will fall prey to the shelter/SPCA/rescue roundabout. Being as the Shiba can be a high-strung, dominant, independent breed to start with, rehoming a mistreated/unsocialized/ill-trained one can be, at best, difficult.

A Shiba breeder of my acquaintance lamented that the Shiba people at one dog show she visited were unrelentingly negative about the breed’s traits. I was of a differing opinion. I thought then and I still do now, that emphasizing the negatives of the Shiba scares away the undedicated and prepares the tenacious of dog ownership. It also keeps this breed mildly unpopular with those who want an easy ride on the pet wagon, despite its appearance in Vodka commercials and as the evil genius (how appropriate) behind Silent Hill 2.

Unpopularity is the Shiba’s saving grace when it comes to people who are not willing to accept and address its unique philosophy that all things exist to be eaten/chewed/played with/dominated. Most owners are already addressing this by rabidly jumping on even a hint that someone wants a dog “just like yours!” with tales of valuable items destroyed and frantic chases through the streets, not to mention the unfortunate incident with the neighbour’s cat.

Keep up the good work. We don’t want the Shiba to go through what the Akita went through in the 90’s, what with being shoved into the limelight as big, unique protection dogs. The last thing we need is someone touting the Shiba as the very latest thing in wash n’ wear home alarm systems. Thank Dog they’re too big for your average handbag.


Shibas advertising dog products.

Working in a pet supply store, I have already made a mental note of the products that feature a Shiba on the packaging. Here are two, both from Outward Hound:

Here we have a Shiba who is no doubt delighted to have this water/supply backpack on.

Next, we have something more in keeping with a Shiba’s goals: a nice tent for camping! This nylon tent sports bug mesh to keep your Shiba free from mosquitoes.

A closer look:

I think I remember some Ziggys that had a Shiba puppy on them, but we don’t have that packaging any more. Akira and Shiro’s blog has a post about Shibas in other kinds of advertising.

Last but not least, I have to promote my favourite screensaver: Kissing Canines, which features Libby the Shiba, both as herself and wearing a santa hat.