Are Shibas a “Childfree Breed”?

I am childfree, which means I neither have nor want children.  I am quite happy with the idea of having Shibas and other dogs instead.  I can tell you that my “puppycrap” meets or exceeds the amount of my friends’ “kindercrap” strewn about the floor.  Tierce even has annoying toys!  Such as the stuffed toy vampire that he enjoys running around with, that says “I vant to suck your blood!” in classic Bela Lugosi style.

I have always maintained that a Shiba can do just fine with kids, provided the kids are trained to respect the dog’s boundaries and the dog is trained to respect and obey the kids.  This alone would probably make a Shiba better for families with slightly older kids, but there must be some families out there who have had Shibas around infants and toddlers without problems.

Despite the above, in my online travels, it has occurred to me that more than a few of the Shiba people I have encountered over the years don’t have kids or seem to have plans to have any.  Now, this isn’t the result of careful study and data gathered through personal questions; this is just my impression!

Do the childfree, childless and empty nesters gravitate to the Shiba more than families?

Tierce’s Problems With Kids

Despite regular exposure to children, Tierce is still nervous around the smaller ones.  He’s okay around kids that are 10 or so and the children he was regularly exposed to over the years, but he is nervous around smaller, running, screaming children.

It’s not that Tierce tries to snap or bite, but he does shy away and bark, which always makes me want to say defensively, “I did socialize him with children!  I did!  I did!”  I usually settle for a sharp, “No!” and a leash correction, but this doesn’t seem to solve much.

I get the kids around Tierce to feed him treats as often as possible and interact with him, but this only serves to make him feel more kindly towards *them*, not kids in general.

Shassi, as I mentioned before, was fine with kids of all ages and she didn’t have a huge amount of exposure to toddlers.

While Tierce’s attitude is not a danger to himself or other people, as he’s never offered to snap at or bite children, I don’t like it very much.  Suggestions?

Shiba Inus: The Next Big Thing? (I hope not!)

Shiba Inus: The Next Big Thing?

It’s great to see a little more balanced overview of our breed!  I got this from Shiba Inu Spirit.

The only part I disagree with (in part) is this:

They’re Good with Children: Just ask our three-year-old niece. A sense of dread and fear struck us last Christmas when she grabbed Kody by the neck and proceeded to climb on his back for a “horsey ride.” While Kody shot us an expression of utter misery, he let her ride him, grab his ears and hug him without as much as snarling his lip.While Shibas sometimes have trouble interacting with other dogs, they are surprisingly gentle with children.

Well… While Shibas can be quite good with children, I wouldn’t advertise Shibas as a breed that a child could generally do this to.  But then again, I’m against allowing a child to EVER do this to a dog.  It can result in spinal and head injuries for the dog and a serious bite for the child.  I wouldn’t vouch for a kid’s chance with Tierce if it did this and I can’t vouch for the parent’s chance with me if they allowed it.