Rex Could Be Adopted by End of Week

Dog taped to refrigerator now in foster care

Lisa Pedersen, chief executive officer of the Humane Society, says Rex was placed with a family in the Denver-area that could adopt him by the end of the week.

Pedersen did not identify the family, but says they have other Shiba Inus they have come from other rescue organizations.

“I think he’s adjusting as best as we could have hoped,” Pedersen said. “Our goal is that he has a very happy ending and we think that is very possible.

Pedersen says the shelter got requests from as far away as New York, California and Wisconsin from people who wanted to adopt the dog.

Look at that poor puppy – see the top of his back?  Here’s hoping the next news item will be that he is adopted!  The foster/adoption family seem as perfect for a Shiba in Rex’s situation as can be – let’s hope it works out!

Rex Placed in Foster Care!

Abused Boulder dog at home with foster family

Two-year-old Rex is now living with two other shiba inus at the home of a Denver-area couple, Humane Society chief executive officer Lisa Pedersen said Tuesday. She said the foster arrangement is a test to see if Rex can adapt to his new surroundings.

Pedersen declined to identify the couple who took Rex in before an adoption is official, but she said they have experience dealing with abused animals. She said the shelter got requests from families as far away as New York, California and Wisconsin — all of them willing to drive to Colorado to pick Rex up and provide a home for him.

Awesome!  Three cheers for Rex!  Let’s hope the home he finds can work with him to get him over his abuse issues.  It can be an uphill battle, but with a dedicated owner, Rex will at least have a fighting chance to get the life all dogs deserve.

-Thanks to Leslie, who commented on my last post to bring us this link.

Lets remember also that the battle for Rex isn’t over – Abby Toll will appear back in court next month.  Let’s keep this alive until the case is over so people will remember what she did!

Remember Katana? HAPPY ENDING!

On the old blog site, I wrote about Katana, a 10-year-old Shiba who had been dumped at PAWS by her owner because he “didn’t have enough time for her”.



Today I got a note from the old blog:

First I need to let everyone know that I took Katana in a foster only to get her out of the shelter asap before she got kennel cough. She has since been adopted by our family.  She is a wonderful dog that enjoys playing with squeeky toys and bones. She is in very good hands and will always be for the rest of her golden years.

It was signed by Anonymous.  Anonymous, thanks for making the life of an abandoned older Shiba happy again!

Katana needs a home!

Photo from PAWS

From Phyllyist:

Katana has one of those stories that breaks our hearts. She’s a loving 10-year-old Shiba Inu whose owner surrendered her because he “didn’t have enough time for her anymore.”

I love how people abandon their pets, then wring their hands and say how sad that they are that they didn’t have enough time/couldn’t find a place/couldn’t train it. Yes, I know that there are always exceptions where the dog and owner just aren’t working out, but I also think that in the majority of cases, the owner doesn’t want to work things out. Basically, they get a dog and then tire of it.

Excerpt from the Petfinder entry for Katana:

This poor girl is so terrified at the shelter that she will not look at anyone. She stares at the back of her cage all day and all night long. If you can help out a senior that spent her entire life in a home environment and is now in a very scary place, please come meet her.

(who wants to find this guy and kick him several times in the gonads? The line starts here!)

Meanwhile, the dog knows no other life, has no inkling of other possibilities and, as in Katana’s case, is too old for most people to consider bringing her home. If Katana was in Nanaimo, I would probably be bailing her out on Saturday.

Katana (via Petfinder) gets along with most other dogs, but really is not interested in them too much and she doesn’t seem to know what cats are (she could probably learn to live with them). She is an older girl and has a pretty low energy level. She is independent and it takes her some time to warm up to new people.

Typical Shiba… she would probably make a great companion for someone who wants to go for sedate walks and just wants some company in the evenings.

I would like to point out that Shassi is 15 and still in decent shape (for a 15 year old dog!) 5 years is a long time – a lot of people don’t keep their cars or houses that long! So, if you’re in the Philly area and looking for a Shiba, but aren’t sure that you can handle having a young one, why not consider Katana? What’s a short time for you is going to be a lifetime for her. You could make it a happy one.

Adoption info:

If you’d like to save Katana, e-mail The adoption fee for a PAWS dog is $40, plus an $8 city license fee if you live in Philadelphia. The fee includes spaying/neutering, which will be performed before your new companion comes home with you, and microchipping. Also, make note of Katana’s ID number above, and bring it with you when you go to the PAWS shelter, which is located at 111 West Hunting Park Ave (map).

More pics! at the Petfinder Profile for Katana

New Shiba Rescue site!

Today, I got a new e-mail.

I have had your site bookmarked for years and have actually linked to it on my personal Shiba site. I also direct many prospective Shiba owners to your site. I do not know if you have heard of our group or not, but we recently started a new Shiba rescue called Shiba Inu Rescue Association We would be honored if you would consider linking to us on your website. Thank you!
Aimee Winkler
Shiba Inu Rescue Association

I’ve got to thank Aimee, because she inadvertently gave me an e-kick to the ass to update TMS already. Nothing major; just updating the information about Shassi (she’s now #10 on the unofficial Shiba Inu Veteran top 50) and improving parts of the site. I want to make it into a bigger site than it is, maybe breaking up the information into several pages. Eventually. Some day.

One idea that I will need more knowledge for, but I think would be cool is an application on the site that automatically rotates pictures and information about rescue Shibas and/or Shiba alerts, like lost dogs or Shibas who have come upon misfortune. I’ll see; I need to know a LOT more information about web applications as well as incorporate an easy to use interface where rescuers could post pictures and information about their dogs.

But, back to the e-mail. If you’re a Shiba person in SIRA’s area (some volunteers are pretty far away from the base, so people outside the Chicago/Illinois area may still be able to help/volunteer/adopt through them), check them out. And thanks, Aimee!