Are these Shiba puppies?

There’s a new dollar store at Country Club Mall in Nanaimo, so Mom, Mischa and I trooped up to enjoy orgiastic spending and to sign the anti-HST petition.  I found this puzzle, but Mischa said that he thought that these pups didn’t look too much like Shiba puppies.  However, this is also the man who, early in our acquaintance, didn’t know why I started foaming at the mouth every time we passed by the local pet shop that sells puppies.   What do you think, readers?

So Not Begging


I’m totally not begging.  Really.  I’m just observing your eating habits.  It’s fascinating, the culinary behaviour of humans.  Just fascinating.  If you don’t mind, what is the origin of that cheese-covered bread crust peeping at me from the upper left quadrant of your plate?  I’m just curious.  I’m a big fan of cheese, by the way.  It’s kind of, like, a life calling for me.  But don’t mind me; by all means continue with your meal.  I’m just an impartial observer.  How does it taste?  I’ve always said that you were an excellent cook; other people might not share that opinion, but I know it as fact. I’m just wondering, as a matter of detached interest, are you planning to eat that aforementioned crust of bread?  I’m just curious, because if you weren’t going to eat it, I could be prevailed upon to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste.  Humans are so wasteful.  Oh, I don’t mean youyou’re different.  You wouldn’t just throw out a perfectly nourishing 5 cheese bread dripping with paillot de chevre if there was a hungry mouth that would be grateful even for the tiniest crumb.

I’ve always said that you were the best person ever.

Me:  Tierce!  Stop begging!

Tierce:  I’m not begging.

Mischa:  He’s not begging.

Me:  He’s staring at me.

Tierce:  Well, not at you…

Mischa: He’s just interested in what you’re doing.

Me:  Tierce!  Go away!

Tierce:  Aww…

Mischa:  Look, now you’ve hurt his feelings.

Tierce:  Yeah!

Find the Shiba!


The Shiba inu is a breed of dog that lurks among linens of Canadian households.  They have been implicated in the chewing of valuable objects and dragging items out onto the floor that they shouldn’t have touched.  If you think your home may be harbouring a Hidden Shiba, take a picture with a camera with flash capability.  The flash should cause the Shiba’s eyes to light up, alerting the homeowner to its presence.