Helena dogs

Here’s a blog focussing on the fight to recapture and rehome the Helena dogs, dumped by Mayor Valley of Helena:


In more Helena news, Mayor Valley ‘apologized’ for the release of the dogs – by claiming that the incident was a “distraction” from the good being done in the Helena area, blaming “a renegade humane society from the southeastern portion of [Arkansas]”, and stating that he had broken no law and that the dogs “set free” by his order were not a danger to anyone.

Apparently Valley failed to note the laws pertaining to cruelty to animals, not to mention a rather obvious fact that domestic animals left to turn feral, become a danger to people via disease and predatory/territorial behaviour.

Shiba mothers kittens

Pooch of a wet nurse: A family dog finds her maternal instincts with a batch of kittens

Snowie the dog was a “certified cat-hater,” says her Ewa Beach owner, Frank Schultz.

But that was before the family found four kittens abandoned in their garden shed.

Now Snowie has become their adopted mom, nursing them four to six times a day even though she has never been pregnant.

“I think it’s a miracle,” said Megumi Schultz, a sixth-grader.

But experts say interspecies nurturing is not uncommon.

“There’s tigers that will suckle pigs,” said Honolulu Zoo Director Ken Redman. “Somewhere along the line, maternal instinct kicks in.”

Ewa Beach sixth-grader Megumi Schultz was astounded when her cat-hating dog started breast-feeding feral kittens they found in her garden shed.

“I was quite shocked when she started nursing them,” she recalled as she related how her dog morphed into a tender, doting mother.

Megumi was walking Snowie, her 3-year-old white Shiba-Inu, one morning when they heard meowing coming from the garden shed.

Snowie sniffed under the shed door and was scratched, apparently by a feral cat. When the girl returned with her father, Frank Schultz, they opened the shed to find a litter of four kittens. The feral mother cat darted away and hasn’t returned.

“Snowie normally hates cats,” said Frank Schultz. “She goes nuts. When we go for a walk, she’ll chase ’em down the road. One time she chased one four blocks up into a tree and then tried to climb the tree. If she’s not on the leash, she’ll attack them.”

The Schultz family took the kittens home and began feeding them with kitten formula via eyedroppers.

Then, “kidding around,” Schultz’s wife, Miyuki, placed one of the kittens on Snowie’s teat.

“She looked shocked,” said Schultz. “She was looking at us as to say, ‘Huh?'”

Then the other kittens started suckling her.

“Snowie just laid there and let them nurse,” said Megumi. Now she is producing milk and feeding the kittens four to six times a day. She has never been pregnant or nursed before, but it is possible for females to lactate from nipple stimulation alone.

“I think it’s a miracle because you don’t normally see dogs nursing cats,” said Megumi.

A Google search revealed similar cases elsewhere.

“It’s not terribly unheard of … there’s tigers that will suckle pigs,” said Ken Redman, director of the Honolulu Zoo. “So somewhere along the line maternal instinct kicks in.”

Kawehi Yim of the Hawaiian Humane Society said there also have been cases of cats adopting puppies.

Dr. Eric Ako of the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association said such cases are “not infrequent,” adding, “There’s even wider species variations that have been documented … a monkey has adopted a puppy.”

Megumi, who has named the kittens Tabby, Ginger, Momo and Casey, said the accidental mom seems content with her brood.

“She always licks them and follows them everywhere. She protects them. She’s really happy, I think, because she doesn’t have any companion. I think the kittens will act like dogs, because they are always following her and doing what she does.”

Added Frank Schultz: “Usually, we take a long walk at night with Snowie, but now she drags me home so she can take care of the kittens. ”

At night, the kittens snuggle up to sleep with Snowie.

Schultz said he’s not sure whether they will keep the cats. Some acquaintances have already asked about adopting them when they get big enough, he said.


Another game featuring a Shiba is on the market!


A Shiba has won the utility group at Crufts!

But that’s not all – Tango, the Shiba, won under some interesting speculation. Bookies suspended betting at Crufts due to rumours of inside information. The above article mentions suspicions tending towards a poodle as winner. However, judge Keith Nathan chose Ch Janeryls In The Line Of Fire, owned by Mrs J Bannister from Telford in Shropshire. If you don’t normally pay attention to England’s biggest dog event, then this year it’s worth keeping an eye on Best in Show on Sunday.

Congratulations to Tango!

Out for a walk

Dog strolling along railway tracks brings train to a crawl in Yamanashi

How could it not be a Shiba?

This kind of reminds me of an adventure 10 years ago with Shassi. Friends and I were hiking Dodd’s Narrows, which is a place of rock, ocean, islands and trees where one could watch the strait flow on by. When the herring run was on, the strait was churning with sea lions. It was the first time Shassi or I had been there, or to the house where we started from.

In my madness, I had let Shassi loose, figuring she would run with the other dogs and so stay with us. She did stay with us until after lunchtime. About an hour into the hike back, we took stock of the dogs and found that there was no Shassi. Calls and hollers rebounded into the woods – no Shassi. The best thing we could do was hike back to the house where we had left the cars and figure out what to do from there.

When we got there, who should uncurl herself from the doorstep, but Shassi. Apparently she had had enough of hiking and calmly decided to head back to await us hiking fools. We later heard from some locals that they had seen her trotting purposefully on the side of the road, heading back to the house. Keep in mind that this was the first time she had been to said house, and that via a car, so that made it even more incredible.

Note that I don’t recommend this for Shibas or any dog who doesn’t stick close or come when it’s called. There are a lot of things in the woods who would happily make a meal out of a 20 pound dog and we’re lucky that Shassi came out of the woods with nothing worse than a tick bite.