Allergy Season – Atopica

Tierce in his cone... last year? We don't want to go back to this.

Tierce has started scratching again.  We caught it early and upped his Atopica from 2xweek to every day.  It seems to be working; he isn’t scratching as badly today and he’s been on the new regime nearly 2 weeks.  I hope this works, because I don’t want to be going back to the cone/T-shirt of previous years.  I don’t care how much medication he needs.

He had been scratching at his eyes and some of his hair around there is missing.  No hair seems to be missing today, but his eyebrows have that worn look that proves he’s been at them in the last few days.  Also, his chest is receiving some attention – not enough to make it raw, but enough to make it tacky.  This together is enough to make me have an attack of the screaming meemies whenever his hind leg starts to thump.

We are really happy that we seem to have found the answer to the nausea caused by the Atopica – a full anti-nauseant pill instead of a half makes ALL the difference.  That and Mischa feeds him his pill in the morning or early afternoon and he doesn’t have his meal until later in the evening.  The vet recommended keeping the pills in the fridge, but this hasn’t seemed to affect the nausea for Tierce, so down the little don’t-barf-on-the-carpet pill goes.

And it’s great that he doesn’t need Prednisone and other steroids.  It’s definitely good for dogs who can’t have anything else, but it’s really hard on the innards.

Right now, Tierce is sacking out on the floor after a trip to the dog park.  He scratched a little while he was there, but it wasn’t intense and he stopped when I yelled at him.

I’m also wondering if some of his itchiness is due to the fact that he’s going to be shedding any day now.  He’s losing regular amounts of random hair, but not the big clumps that we all know and love.  He looks absolutely gorgeous, but all that hair is a detriment once the weather turns warm.

I’m crossing my fingers that our early intervention will make all the difference.  So far, so good… his doctor is full up on Saturdays until June 12th, so I think Mischa is going to have to take him in during the week with my blessing (and bank card).


In other news, work is going apace on Shiba Inu Canada.  I’ve never done a newsletter before, but it is kind of fun to put everything together.  Fun and maddening, because MS Word doesn’t always think the same way I do.