Man who put ‘labradoodles’ on the map regrets it.

Labradoodle Pioneed Regrets Fashioning ‘Designer Dogs’

Wally Conran first crossed a poodle with a Labrador in 1988 to create a seeing eye dog for a blind woman with allergies.  Why he didn’t just obtain a poodle to train for this purpose, I have no clue (a lot of reputable breeders probably would have just donated a puppy for this type of purpose, even).

The puppies were supposed to have the best traits of both dogs: the affable, controllable nature of the labrador, and the curly, non-shedding coat of the poodle.

Um, poodles are plenty affable and controllable just by their own bad selves.  However, I digress.

“But now when people ask me, ‘Did you breed the first one’, I have to say, ‘Yes, I did, but it’s not something I’m proud of’,” Conran said.

“I wish I could turn the clock back.”

The labradoodle is now recognized as the first of the so-called “designer dogs,” selling for more than AU$1000 (US$927) a puppy. In essence, it is a mutt, or mongrel, yet it has raced ahead of pedigrees in terms of price and desirability.

Some pet shops report mongrels outselling pure-breeds three to one, despite the high price of both.

As a result, labradoodles and their cutely named cousins — spoodles, schnoodles, cavoodles, moodles, groodles and roodles — are being pumped out across the nation, to meet demand

“I’m not at all proud of my involvement in it,” Conran said. “But the genie’s out of the bottle, and you can’t put it back.”

What I find fascinating that people who wouldn’t buy a purebred will pay top dollar for a crossbred with no genetic testing and no record of dedicated breeding.  At my dog park, I have repeatedly heard of the designer dog’s superiority to ‘purebreds’, even though the people extolling the virtues of their crossbred dogs fail to mention any research into the health of the dog’s ancestry, what purpose the dogs’ parents were bred for, why the breeder was breeding dogs to begin with.

While people have associated owning purebred dogs with snobbery for time out of mind, there is a different kind of pretentiousness associated with owning a designer dog.  It seems to be somehow connected with the rejection of the values and status symbols of the wealthy.  Purebreds are like the inbred members of European royalty – pedigreed, to be sure, but without strength or character.  Mongrels are genetic unknowns, a crap shoot.  But the deliberately bred designer dog is a proud symbol of the bourgeois lifestyle.  We can afford to pay purebred prices, but we want a dog that’s MORE than a purebred dog.  Something bigger!  Better!

What’s funny is that these people just bought into the same kind of thinking that causes purebreds to be popular.  They bought into the idea of a recognizable type of dog deliberately bred for specific characteristics.  They paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for it.  They may even have “papers” from some online “kennel club” for it.

They just have the dubious distinction of owning a dog that isn’t purebred.  The owners of ‘SPCA specials’ can claim the same, only they’ve paid quite a bit less and gotten spaying and neutering thrown in for free.

Do I think that crossbred dogs are necessarily a bad thing?  No, but that’s a post for next time.  Stay tuned…


Worst. Website. Ever.

This website will tell you everything that you never knew about the wolf.  Apparently, while we have been mistaking them for wild canines with their own instincts and behaviour patterns, these “wolf” breeders have discovered that:

Wolves are really cats, they are really Lassie, only a wolf

Since our wolves are not aggressive and not natural born killers, our animals are raised not to hurt anything including your pets or livestock. They are gentle.

Just let them run loose with your lambs and small children!

Wolves don’t have prey drive, they’re ideal for guides for the blind and day care centres and truckers

Since our wolves eat puppy food they have no need to hunt and so show no signs of aggression towards other animals.

You see, they aren’t actually wolves.  They’re angels in furry clothing.

Wolves are better than any guard dog that ever lived, they are telepathic through smell, they are living sponges and are insect-repellent

Feline wolves eat bugs including flies, scorpion , ants yes even red ants, and spiders like tarantulas.

Wolves could even take care of a fly and tic problems.  A wolf has the ability to soak up moister through their skin.  When the fly or tic get on the wolf the moisture is sucked out of pests which kills them.  Over time they could clean your yard from these nuisances.

So there you go folks.  Wolves are actually avatars for The Great Spirit of Nature.  Lassie has nothing on these wolves.  They could take on Chuck Norris and win.  If you took these wolves to Afghanistan, they would find Osama bin Laden in three days and then alert American troops to his position by howling in Morse Code.

Sign their guestbook!  Thank the nice people for telling you all about wolves.


No Next Day Pets

Speaking of selling, as I referenced in the 100th post of the Shibalog, you may notice that the ad for NextDayPets is gone from the Google ads that I have posted on the right.

I’m not a big fan of any website whose domain name basically encourages the buy-on-impulse-neglect-at-leisure attitude. “NextDayPets” is not something that I want to imply is just fine.

Furthermore, I’m not a supporter of a system that treats animals like anything else that you can buy on E-Bay, with a puppy paypal system:

Safe Payment Method – FeelSafe, Pet Pay!

FeelSafe, Pet Pay! – Learn More
  • Trusted payment and transaction management solution
  • Create and reference binding agreements readily accessible online 24/7
  • Listing details and images are saved and accessible online 24/7
  • Send payment for the puppy directly to the Seller using Pet Pay!
  • Accepted Payment Methods
    Sellers may accept one or more of the following types of payment: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, Wire Transfer, USPS Money Order and Cashier Check

    I don’t like it. I think that a pet purchase should be carefully thought out, not something you do on impulse, based on the picture of a cute puppy and an information line that looks like it was excerpted from an emo MSN conversation: OMG! These puppys R soooo cute! U should buy 1 cuz there gonna go kwik!!! LOLWTFBBQ!

    Thank you, no. I don’t need revenue from those kinds of referrals.