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Me:  Hey, want to go for a walk? Tierce:  Sure! Friend:  I wouldn’t mind. Me:  Awesome. Me & friend:  Yadda yadda yadda. Tierce:  Sniff sniff sniff. Tierce:  OH HEY IS THAT A RABBIT OVER THERE?! Me:  Forget it! Tierce:  LUNGE! Flexi-lead:  SNAP! Little plastic thingy:  THWAP! Me:  *thump* Ground:  Hi. Me:  NNGRGLE Friend:  Here Tierce!  Good puppy… just stay there…… Read more →

Itchery, part II

Tierce has been to the vet, who took samples diagnosed him with a mild yeast infection on his chest. Her advice was to shampoo him with Nizoral (anti-dandruff, anti-fungal shampoo) every other day. That, coupled with changing his food to Go! Natural Grain Free, might do the trick. In a few weeks. Oh, yeah… while we were down at the… Read more →