Tierce Theatre

The Bathing

This post was brought to you in part by the Shiba Prom Haiku Contest, which Tierce won.

Tierce: I am never going along with any of your crackpot schemes again!

Me: Don’t knock yourself. You’re a very talented poet.

Tierce: Burn in hell!

It was also brought to you in part by Filthy Farmdog soap.
Tierce was less than impressed by the whole contest winning experience. However, I was thrilled.
And, because I’m an evil dog owner who wants Tierce to suffer, I was ecstatic to make use of the Filthy Farmdog soap for the first time.
Tierce was not impressed.
But I was.
And the results were worth the damage to Tierce’s psyche


The Zoom Groom and similar grooming tools


Brushing your Shiba’s Teeth

I don’t brush Tierce’s teeth. I am a bad, evil dog owner. I give my dogs bones and lots of chew toys. It’s not because I think that teeth cleaning is a waste of time – it’s not! But I don’t do it. However, if you’ve come here looking for teeth cleaning advice, I’ve compiled some Youtube videos that can help you out.

Here are some useful videos:

Here are some videos of Shibas having their teeth cleaned.


Red Shasta comic: The Groomer


Bad owner! No biscuit for you!

I snapped, I’m sorry. I know that I’ve had a page all about Shibas and it’s helped a lot of people and that some people consider me the living end of Shiba knowledge (I’m not! Try Shiba Inu Canada or the National Shiba Club of America). But I’ve proven myself to be a bad, evil dog owner and not deserving of the title Queen of Shiba.

I took Tierce to the groomer’s to get his nails clipped.

Now I know that I should be stoic in the face of his whining, moaning, bitching and complaining, his earsplitting wails, and his sulky pulling away, but I’m not. I’m terrified of hurting him and he’s terrified of me hurting him. It’s safe to say that we both hate the procedure.

One day, a few days ago, I looked at his paws and they resembled a bear’s, with nails out to —– here and knew that I was just prolonging the inevitable.

Dog ‘N Suds is a grooming/care facility not very far from where I live, so I slouched there to deliver my little brat. Tierce, of course, was extremely excited and interested, even in the trio of Dachshunds threatening to rip out his throat on his way in.

He behaved himself, at least, even when it was his turn. The groomer whipped him under her arm and carried him into the back with the ease of long practice. Two or three minutes later of whining, moaning, bitching and complaining, he was out, congratulating himself on his miraculous escape from death. It was the best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent.

No, seriously. Best. Ten. Dollars. Ever.

Even if it makes me a bad puppy owner who can’t stand to clip my dog’s nails, if there are competent people who will do it for a price. If there wasn’t anybody, I could steel myself to do nails, but I’ve tasted the lack of stress and it is sweet! Now I know why Mom pays for Shassi to get groomed – it’s just EASIER.

(Best part of all, Tierce is in the nail clipping program and it only costs $5 per visit!)


Hair today…

Today, I brushed Tierce. This is the result of 30-45 minutes of constant brushing with the slicker and the FURminator.

I generally have a low opinion of the latest overpriced, overhyped miracle tool, but this thing really works! It has a row of tiny, sharp inverted Vs that catch the dead hair and pull it out of the coat. It’s real charm is the fact that one does not have to stop to remove the hair from the teeth in order for it to keep working.

The FURminator, alas, is not without its drawbacks. For the price (roughly $50 Cdn and up), this thing ought to groom your Shiba itself and clip its nails into the bargain. Instead of containing the fur in a easy-to-grab area, like the average slicker brush, it pulls it out in large, amorphous clouds, which float away and glom onto the nearest clean surface. I like the slicker for its ability to pick up the loose hair that the FURminator leaves behind and to generally separate and pull dead hair out of the coat.

The next time you and your Shiba are in a pet supply store, see if they have a test FURminator that you can try out. You may be impressed at the amount of fur it removes.


It’s that time again…

Well, so far, we have not seen any lethargy, tarry stools, coughing, aching, stuffy head, so I am pretty sure that the chicken that Tierce got into came out in record time.

Speaking of time, it’s shedding season again. I’ve taken a good-sized Pomeranian out of Tierce today, while my boyfriend and other guy friend watched “Balls of Fury”. I started out watching it, but it quickly paled for me. The grooming rake quickly paled for Tierce. He wriggled around until I got a firm grip on his scruff or his tail and held it to keep him still. However, he is not protesting with his teeth, which is a Good Thing.

I don’t know how this much fur hides inside this little dog. It reminds me when I moved from my apartment in Victoria up to Nanaimo. The whole apartment was supposed to take up half of the large U-Haul truck that I rented. Instead, we wearily lifted the bikes up against the huge pile and barely got the door shut. I had a lot of stuff. Tierce has a lot of undercoat. Maybe I should have collected it to have a picture to show, but I’m just not that dedicated.

Speaking of grooming, the second show handling class came and went. We have to work on stacking. One paw goes down, he moves another one. Damn dog.