Another game featuring a Shiba is on the market!


A Shiba has won the utility group at Crufts!

But that’s not all – Tango, the Shiba, won under some interesting speculation. Bookies suspended betting at Crufts due to rumours of inside information. The above article mentions suspicions tending towards a poodle as winner. However, judge Keith Nathan chose Ch Janeryls In The Line Of Fire, owned by Mrs J Bannister from Telford in Shropshire. If you don’t normally pay attention to England’s biggest dog event, then this year it’s worth keeping an eye on Best in Show on Sunday.

Congratulations to Tango!

Tierce’s first sanction match!

Tierce went to the Victoria City Kennel Club sanction match this weekend. We got best of breed! We got a Group Second! Sounds great, except when you find out that Tierce was A) the only Shiba and B) one of two dogs entered in the Non-Sporting category. We did have some good talk with the other person, a lady who was starting to show her Keeshond by herself instead of using a handler. We ended up exchanging names and addresses and maybe we’ll see each other again at the shows 🙂

Tierce kept on crabbing when he was moving for the judge. For those of you not crazy enough to hang around at dog beauty contests, “crabbing” means that his front end and his back end are out of kilter when he’s trotting. This looks hideous and is a sure-fire losing proposition in the ring. The thing is, when Tierce is interested in something, he is perfectly straight. It’s when he wants to go somewhere that I am not going or when he wants to avoid something i.e. a leash, getting too close to my feet that he says, “I may not be able to move my head away from you, but I sure as hell am gonna move my body!” I’m going to ask my show handling instructor on tips to avoid this.

However, this was not entirely wasted. Tierce got a chance to be in a show-like atmosphere and got examined by a stranger. He did very well for not having a lot of experience and I’m going to work really hard on his trotting and down-and-back for next time.

The ugly world of dog-show-snobbery reared its scaly head today. I heard stories of cattiness, the turning of the backs, etc. People, if you show, why the fuck do you do this??? Even if you don’t give an inch in the ring, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be half-decent to people whose only crime is that they don’t belong to your clique. So what if the dog is your competition – he’s also a member of your breed and don’t you want more people who love and respect your breed to spread the good word about them? Grow up. And get a life – maybe the person you snub today ends up leaving the show, thinking that it isn’t worth getting involved because you were a complete fucking bitch to them – never mind your dog.