I made a paper Shiba!

I posted about this almost exactly a year ago on March 30, 2009.  On Monday, March 29, 2010, I printed out the paper Shiba on the Canon Creative Park site.  The pictures below prove that, after three hours of cutting, cutting, cutting, pasting, pasting, cutting, pasting, fiddling with the damn paper, trying to get it to look like the picture… I have a paper Shiba.

Differences between the Shibas

1)  The first thing you note is that my Shiba appears to have a skin condition.  This is because there was a torrential downpour when we ran from my friend’s house to the car.  Rain + inkjet printed paper = paper Shiba that will never win a show.

2)  The Shiba appears to be emaciated.  I bet some of you are emailing PETA right now.  Well, maybe I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t wait for everything to dry before I tried to glue on the next thing.  My gentle hands failed to coax plumpness out of the ornery paper, so my paper Shiba is doomed to looking hungry

3)  There are suspicious red markings that look like missed guidelines.  Nope, I didn’t hit them all.  And I’m not sorry, you hear!  Not!

This was a fun project, but did it ever take a long time to cut everything out.  Check out the .pdf in the link above – there are 6 sheets of stuff to cut!

I used Aleenes Original Tacky Glue, which dries pretty fast and a crappy pair of scissors.  Next time, I’ll still use the Tacky glue, but I’m getting a better pair of scissors – actually two; a medium-sized one to cut out the general shapes and a short, thin, pointy-bladed set for cutting the little tiny wedges that this project takes.

Shiba fabric from Etsy!

On the weekend (well technically on Monday – I stay up too late), I got a half-yard of this fabric from Etsy store sonatine.  It was mentioned on the page that this was the last piece of fabric and I’m not sure if they’re getting more in.  It was $6.80 USD plus $4.80 shipping, which ended up being 12-something in Canadian funds.

I’ve had my eye on this fabric for a while now, but the notice that it was the last piece spurred me to buy that last half-yard.  I had wanted to make a short-kimono-style shirt, but I’m not that tiny!  Maybe I can make a travel-bag for Tierce, since he accompanies us on many outings and his stuff usually gets thrown in with mine.

Fuzzy Shiba Stickers by CocoWasabi

I have been cornering the market on these stickers, but Coco has 1 or 2 sheets left!

Fuzzy Shiba Stickers

They are a lot smaller than the first photograph suggests, but there’s a pic with a ruler to give them some perspective.  They are the cutest stickers ever!  I just bought my first sheet and ordered 3 more from the store – very cheap and Coco is an awesome seller; fast shipping and prompt replies to emails.