In Sickness and In Health

My boyfriend and I are both sick – him with a massive ear infection and me with a galloping case of bronchitis.  Mischa is by far the worst off of either of us and has spent most of last night and today in a semi-conscious state in front of the TV.  Tierce has stuck close to him in the last 24 hours – staying downstairs where Mischa had set up his sick bed and curling up on the couch beside him.

This is where you go, “Awwwww!  Issocute!  He wants to be close to his sick master to give him comfort!”  Remember, though, that this is the dog that sent Mischa to the hospital a year and a half ago by chewing through his dialysis cord.  This is also the dog who has been taking his smelly, disgusting beef stick and dropping it on Mischa’s head all day long today.  Quite honestly, we’re not sure if he wants to be close to Mischa because he genuinely cares or because he’s waiting for Mischa to die.


Anatomy of Bedtime

When my boyfriend and I go to bed, the general outline looks like this:


The bed is a double and has ample room for both of us.  Generally, when we fall asleep, it’s quite comfortably and with plenty of room to stretch out.

However, come the morning, the outline looks more like this:


Somehow, during the night, a 23 pound dog manages to move 350 pounds of human onto half the space it started in.  Does anyone else have this issue with their Shiba(s)?  If we got another Shiba, would we be evicted from the bed altogether?