Article about the Great Obama Dog Debate

The Internet Goes To The Dogs

Great quotes:

Still, you don’t need to have squandered two work weeks glued to the puppy cam — that insanely popular streaming Internet video that’s been focused on nothing more than a crate full of adorable Shiba Inu pups since this month began — to know that was some calculated speechifyin’ on the president-elect’s part.

It’s this allergy business that’s causing the — um — less professional of Internet animal advocates to fear the Obama family’s final choice. Sure the president-elect talks rescue, but then he uses his daughters as a caveat.

What if these allergy constraints of his daughter might cause him to waver — resulting in a canine flip-flop of national proportions? Because, let’s face it: crazy cat people get a bad rap, but crazy dog people are so much worse. Crazy dog people will cut you.

I know. I am one. And I have a knife. Generally, it’s used to chop fresh organic ingredients for meals served twice daily to my herd of rescue pugs, but I’m not above turning it on a backyard breeder … or animal-as-accessory maven Paris Hilton. Whatever.

I’ve just decided that Helen A.S. Popkin, the author of this piece, is teh awesumz.


Vote no!

First pup choices: will the Goldendoodle win out?

I generally hesitate on ‘designer dogs’, because I think that the overwhelming majority of them are not bred for any other purpose than to produce puppies for profit. However, I disagree about the Shiba puppies that Samantha Beerman votes for (yeah, yeah, I know it’s tongue-in-cheek).

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Hey, I like more stuff about our breed as much as the next dog-obsessed fanatic, but the last thing I’d like is a Shiba in the Oval Office. All of a sudden, pet shops and backyard breeders would figure that they could cash in on the sudden popularity and bam! there goes the breed. Of course our dedicated breeders would keep on breeding and educating, but it’s just something we so do not need.