How about a senior dog for Christmas?

Senior Dogs Project

Many people think that older dogs are “set in their ways” and can’t adjust to a new environment, but that is simply not true.  Many senior dogs are more than able to adapt to a new home.  What people are really saying is that they themselves are not able to adapt to the idea of a senior dog – even though older dogs are generally calmer, housebroken, trained and aren’t impressed by a lot of things that freak younger dogs out.  For someone looking for a companion who enjoys leisurely walks and is content to relax most of the day, a senior Shiba is a lot better bet than a freakazoid 1 year old whose main ambitions are to chew through the living room wall.

Current list of senior Shibas and Shiba mixes that need homes

(The above is based on my location, so you might have to re-enter the information to get a list closer to home)

Shibas can live beyond 16 and there are plenty of dogs out there that need homes and are beyond the age that most dogs are easily adopted by.  A training class and a regular schedule can speedily adapt a senior dog to a new lifestyle.  This is a great idea to put into the heads of friends and family who are considering a new dog.