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Final? Thoughts

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from this post and the fallout from it.  Most of it has been positive.

I’ve got to say that it’s been amazing to get this kind of response from a post on a relatively unknown blog.  I rather expected that some people would read, a couple would comment and we would all move about our day.  As the information below indicates, this got a lot more publicity than I thought it would.

This was largely thanks to Stone, who eschewed just telling Tierce to trip me down a set of stairs (he would totally have done that for free), and disseminated the link to this post to all and sundry.  Also The Friendly Atheist, who has more followers than I could ever hope to gain, made it go viral – just a teeny bit.  Thank you.

So far, most of this has gone in my favour.  I might lose some things, but I’m willing to do that to keep promoting free speech on the Internet.  I don’t believe I ‘won’ and I don’t believe Stone ‘lost’.  I believe that I posted my opinion, albeit in true Misanthropic Shiba style, and the subsequent choices that were made by all parties involved conspired to bring this to the conclusion it has reached.  I would have been content with just having my opinion out there, floating on the Internet.

And Tierce?  Well, he’ll just have to accept that I’m not going to feed him a steady diet of Paillot de Chèvre, no matter how many times he whines on Facebook.  You see, I have ways of figuring out what he’s thinking, too.


Stone did, indeed, contact my employers via email to call their attention to the blog post.

The Friendly Atheist picked up this story.

If anybody’s interested in genuine animal communication, your friendly neighbourhood Wiki has an article.

Bosley’s has cancelled the event.  Here is a link to a comment on the Bosley’s Facebook page and their reply.

Bosley's response to comment

You know, I could do without the implication that the people against this event are just out to spoil everyone else’s good time, but hey, whatever works for you, Bosley’s.  I’m just happy that you’ve decided not to officially endorse this person with an event.  As I commented on the link above, there are many reputable trainers/behaviourists in the Lower Mainland who you could ask to attend an event for charity.  And if anyone has a problem with them, I trust that they won’t necessarily run off to that person’s employer to complain that So-And-So was mean to them.  But, you might want to ask for references.  Just in case.


As of this morning (July 11) Ms. Stone has threatened to contact my employers (in the comments on this post) and has done so, via email and Facebook. She has posted comments on Tierce’s Facebook and has posted my (misspelled) name and workplace and location on her Facebook business page (the Print Screen button is a wonderful tool, BTW). She’s thrown around ‘racist’ like it’s a marker word. (Don’t doubt the Ukrainian powers of the mind, y’all)

Bullying tactics like this make me think: does this sound like someone who believes that their claims are true or does it sound like a charlatan afraid that someone will expose their charade?

I mean, if she really wants to, she can just get one of the many dogs I’m in contact with in a daily basis to bite me. Although, I would believe more in her powers if Tierce started coming when called off-leash – without stopping to pee, scratch his ear, sniff some grass, go in the opposite direction…


Reisa Stone at Bosley's

Ever since Pet Valu bought the BC-based Bosley’s chain of pet supply stores, things have been… a little weird.  First came the split from the SPCA, because select Bosley’s stores will now be selling small animals.  Now, Bosley’s announced on their Facebook page that Reisa Stone will be at Bosley’s North Delta on July 20th.

Who is Reisa Stone?  An ‘animal communicator’ who claims that she can telepathically talk to animals using as little as a photograph.  This ability, she alleges, comes from her Ukrainian heritage.

Mischa and Tierce

My husband, Mischa, communicating telepathically with Tierce. And, by ‘telepathically’, I mean, ‘with chorizo and potato fritters’.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.  My husband is half-Ukrainian and he can’t get Tierce to come when called more than 13.5% of the time.  What has he been hiding from me?  I mean, I thought their special bond came from him feeding the damn dog at the table.

Anyway, why am I all up in arms over this?  I mean, it’s just nonsensical fun, right?  Light-hearted fun.

Wrong.  At $150 an hour, Ms. Stone is charging people for her ‘telepathy’ services – desperate people who are hoping for a miracle to help them help their pet.  And people are paying this.  Even if they’re stupid/ignorant/ill-informed, it’s up to the rest of us to stop reliance on the ‘woo’ and keep encouraging pet owners to seek out competent professionals who have made animal behaviour a study.

Additionally, supporting someone who makes money off of people’s grief over the loss of a pet is beyond me. Yes, Stone claims that she can speak to dead animals.  I’m almost tempted to get her to try to bring Shassi on the line.

Stone: Shassi, I’m feeling for you.  Where are you?

Shassi:  Fuck off.

Stone:  There are people here who love you.

Shassi:  You’re presupposing that I care. How much is she paying you?

Stone:  Uh, $150 an hour?

Shassi:  *hysterical laughter*  Oh, that’s rich.  Okay, I’ll stretch this out.  I’m, um, feeling very decomposed.

Stone:  Decomposed?  You mean ‘discomposed’?  It’s quite common when being contacted beyond the grave…

Shassi:  I was never in a grave, actually.  They cremated me.

Stone:  Well.  Uh, let’s go on.  Do you have any messages for your loved ones?

Shassi:  I have loved ones?

Stone:  Um, people who love you?

Shassi:  Oh.  Right.  Yeah, ask her if that little twerp is still around.

Stone:  You mean Tierce?

Shassi:  Yeah, that’s the one.

Stone:  Yes, he’s enjoying life.  He misses you.

Shassi:  Sure.  He misses tormenting me with his endless ‘Wanna play?’ ‘I can bug you!  See how I’m bugging you?’ bullshit.  Little creep was lucky I was blind at the end or he’d be missing a tail.

Stone:  Yes, well, let’s move on.  Do you have any messages for Julie, Pat, Anne or Mischa?

Shassi:  You’re all idiots.  This is a scam and you’re stupid for forking over that much money.  Get a life and accept that I’m not really talking to you because I’m DEAD.  There, is that enough or do you need more?

Stone:  Uh, that’s fine.  It was, um, nice talking to you.

Shassi:  Sometime when you’re on the astral plane again, you can tell me what it’s like to live in your own head.  You don’t seriously think you’re actually talking to a dog, do you?

"Just leave me alone until the stupid goes away."

“Just leave me alone until the stupid goes away.”


By endorsing Stone through a public function, Bosley’s is supporting this nonsensical idea that someone can reach into the mind of a dog/cat/jerboa and know magically what it’s thinking.  Which, apparently, is the unholy love child of copious drinking, the Forer effect, commonly known animal behaviour patterns and wishful thinking:

Which brings us to Helix.

I send Stone a photo and a couple days later, we speak.

“Helix is very queenly,” Stone begtells me. “She’s far more than a princess.”

True? Well, the cat does have an attitude. But, then, what cat doesn’t? We proceed.

“She said, ‘I like roaring,’ and showed me how she pretends she’s roaring like a lion. And she feels she’s in charge of morning wake-up calls and feeding times.”

Stone had not previously seen the photo on the front of this newspaper. A skeptic would say she’s yawning, a believer would chalk up a point for Stone. And Helix is a firm believer in punctuality when it comes to her twice-daily meals.

Stone tells me my cat would like to scratch more, would prefer a less-orderly house with fewer chemical cleaning agents. She also apparently wants a more exciting life.

Stone tells me that Helix considers me her husband. I tell her that’s kind of creepy.


Yes.  Yes, it is.

I can tell you right now that Tierce wants more walks, less baths, thinks he should be able to live on cheese and wants me to get off my ass and take him out.  Here’s my PayPal Donation button; I can tell you what your Shiba is thinking, too. I suggest a donation of something like $100/hr; I’ll compete with Stone by offering lower prices.

Oh, come on. For free, I’ll throw in a free piece of advice to consult an animal behaviourist/obedience trainer/your dog’s breeder/a mentor/someone who has a clue and to start treating your dog like a dog and not like a furry conduit to a magical reality where herbs cure everything and you can stop your dog from biting you just by thinking positively.

Bosley’s, you’re starting to lose my money.

The Misanthropic Shiba


  1. Ms. Reisa Stone: If I knew how to I post post a picture of my Jack Russell for you. If you could tell me something I dont know about this dog perhaps we all would be more inclined to believe you. Instead of attacking back prove yourself its the fastest way to get this all to go away. Hell I am sure Julie and the other bloggers would even be willing to post retractions if you were to prove your abilities.

  2. Dear Michael,

    While it’s nice that you enjoyed the company of Ukrainian relatives, if you were familiar with our cultural heritage, you’d know we’re matrilineal. As your mother is an O’Connor, well…

    Apart from male dance choreography and some weather magic, cultural traditions are legitimately passed down through females.

    Due to the millions of beloved people we lost through the Stalinist purges and Holocaust, we gladly welcome people as ours, who have even a fraction of Ukrainian blood. I exclaim and hug anyone I meet whose great great auntie was one of ours. Survivors are precious.

    This, however, does not qualify them to persecute traditions of which they have no knowledge. I’m very sad that you have chosen to perpetuate the oppressors’ view of our cultural heritage, which includes Animal Communication, energy healing and spirit world contact. I learned these from full blooded Ukrainians. Even our richly decorated Easter eggs are a form of sympathetic magic and communication with the spiritual.

    You might be interested in also exploring the O’Connor side, as Irish people have similar traditions. Most cultures apart from the North American mainstream, do.

  3. My direct response to Julia McTire, now hiding behind “Red Shasta” on the Friendly Atheist blog:

    RedShasta •

    Thanks for blogging about this, Hemant! I’ve updated my post to include the latest news. The most important is that the event is cancelled, due to negative feedback.

    As I commented on my blog post, if she is as genuine as she says, why go to such lengths to punish or silence me? I’ve got an opinion – so what? What dangerous thoughts could I possibly post that compete with the ability to reach inside my Shiba’s mind and find out why he doesn’t come when called?

    As I explained it to one person, the sad thing is that if Stone had just contented herself with one post on my blog, detailing my many imperfections, it probably would have gone unnoticed and unremarked-upon.

    But she had to get weird about it. And, by ‘weird’, I mean threatening to email one of my bosses (I wear many hats to pay the bills). I mean emailing my employers to complain about my blog post. As of today, she has made posts on my employers’ Facebook business pages, posted my name and workplace and city on her Facebook business page (now deleted) and commented on my dog’s Facebook page (yeah, I own shares in the crazy, but at least I don’t charge for it).

    People started taking notice. I could lose some things over this, but I will fight as long as I can against those who try to protect their fraudulent claims with threats, intimidation and harassment.

    Not to mention that Tierce now has to get over the disappointment of not talking directly to someone who really understands his need to live on generic cheddar.


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    Reisa Mary Stone

    Dear Julia MacTire:

    The “most important thing” is not that one event was cancelled. The most important thing is outlined in my response here and on my website.

    Re: your dog’s Facebook page being non profit. Please. You’ve used it for some time to garner income by social media promotion. You’re paid to do so by a business, and solicit more such business on your LinkedIn profile.

    I’ve never practiced threats, intimidation or harassment. You published
    defamatory statements and riled up your fringe group members to contact one of my sponsors in a negative and harassing manner. I responded. Many of the complainants on Bosley’s Wall and to their office are members of your fringe group, and/or nowhere near one of their stores. Most are not even pet owners.

    You expected to remain anonymous, hiding behind your dog; your anger is at being held accountable. It’s clear you expected the “nice but deluded” Animal Communicator to whimper and lie down like a good doggie.

    If you’d researched my credentials, you’d have seen that I’ve routinely rehabbed aggressive/troubled dogs and horses for over 35 years, and that I tirelessly rescue abused animals at my own expense. I’m now limited in hands on work only due to a spinal crush injury and attendant pain.

    You’ve not bothered to visit my LinkedIn resume. You and your network did, however, take an avid interest in the blog where I gathered evidence against a fraudulent, multi-million dollar rescue recently shut down by the Attorney General.

    I’m saddened to hear the only way you can communicate with your own dog is through a constant supply of exotic and unhealthy treats. It must be frustrating. I’d be able to assist you with that, without even using my intuitive skills. Genuine training is a matter of cooperation and trust, not bribery.

    If you’d approached me directly with an open and inquiring mind, I would have been glad to give you a complimentary session so that you could write about the experience. As genuine media does.


    Reisa Stone
    Expert Animal Communicator

  4. Hello Julie,

    Here is a copy of my post to the other defamatory blog that linked to you:

    This has been a very interesting ride.

    The original blog post occurred immediately after several members of a fringe group visited an anonymous evidence blog I’d created to bring down a multi-million fraudulent “rescue” called People Helping Horses.

    I’d remained anonymous to protect myself while the WA Attorney-General ultimately shut them down. The Director was using donor funds for her dog and horse breeding operation. The fraud was connected with animal abuse by a fringe group up here in BC, which was how I collected evidence. As I do a great deal of quiet evidence gathering against animal abusers, I log IP and cross reference addresses as a matter of course.

    It’s troubling that some are still persecuting others’ spirituality; I’m carrying on the Ukrainian tribal tradition of Animal Communication and spiritual healing.

    However, it’s to be expected. This type of oppression has existed since the Catholic Inquisition, when millions of healers/Communicators were burned at the stake, along with our pets. The slaughter of millions of cats as “devils’ familiars” resulted in the Black Plague. Healers were branded witches. The defamatory stereotype is now the image of the ugly Halloween witch with her black cat.

    Which is what the negative posters have done with me. I proudly accept the label. You may more commonly hear of us these days as Wiccans or Pagans. These labels too, attract their fair share of persecution from fundamentalists.

    If you can hear animals, you can’t justify experimental labs, factory farms, mills, etc. What defamatory statements from “atheists” have ironically perpetuated on this blog and on Julie Mactire’s, is the viewpoint and tactics of the Church, which in the Dark Ages controlled the State.

    Not to mention the Soviets who banned natural medicine and tortured my grandma to death. After surviving the purges, then escaping from a Nazi camp, my father found himself sufficiently terrorized to tragically limit his astounding gifts with animals. I’m proud to carry on our traditions on my peoples’ and family’s behalf.

    Aboriginal people have been slaughtered wholesale and herded onto reservations; Animal Communication is part of any Native spiritual practice I’ve had the privilege to explore. The wanton slaughter of wildlife, e.g. bison and wolves, is part and parcel of the negation of Aboriginal beliefs that animals are sacred and have important messages for humanity.

    Most world cultures have a rich spiritual life that includes spirit world contact and reincarnation. In my several years study of Talmud, I learned that one of the bases of 6000 year old kosher law is that souls can return as human or animal; the lamb you’re about to eat could be your grandfather. If you wish to debate that, please contact a rabbi.

    For those who have an issue with those gifted being compensated: we’ve always been paid for our work. Traditionally, healers have been supported by their community. In mainstream society, spiritual workers are given salaries and homes by their house of worship.

    I’ve chosen self employment, with its attendant heavy costs and risks. Though I’m physically disabled and my income is insecure due to this, I routinely support animal rescue. Just the evidence gathering I mentioned re: PHH took me three months, at my own expense. While others picked up their regular pay cheques, I put most paid work aside. I fed/watered the starving animals and paid significant physiotherapy fees to ease my chronic pain.

    The viewpoints both on Ms. MacTire’s blog and on this one, are those of the Catholic and fundamentalist churches, along with those who have perpetuated genocide through the ages. This is how the Descartian ideology of animals as mechanical objects, to be used for human gain, began. These viewpoints have been the cause of as much human and animal suffering as any through history.

    On a more personal level, it all started with last week’s discovery that I was the anonymous whistle blower on a multi-million dollar fraudulent horse rescue. Some of it may be blowback from the successful campaign I headed to take abused carriage horses off Vancouver’s downtown streets and the national record I set for ink-on-paper petitions to end the butchering alive of 100,000 horses annually in Canada. I spent over 600 voluntary hours and $1000 of my own just on that one, working anonymously through a chain of eight pet nutrition stores. My MP read my petition in the House.

    Although my work on the latter usually attracts death threats from horse breeders who profit from slaughtering their culls, not in a defamatory campaign from a Shiba Inu 😀

    Nor is it a surprise the defamation originated from a woman who spends a great deal of her time immersed in a fantasy of living in the Dark Ages. Ms. MacTire tirelessly works on behalf of a medieval re-enactment group who address each other in their idea of medieval Olde Englishe. Ironically, if their group was historically accuracate, “witches” would be intrinsic to their gatherings. They do use tarot cards and cauldrons as props.

    Why not re-enact the Inquisition? I suppose in the world of medieval Fantasy Gamers, this is the ultimate score.

    By tracing IP addresses and Facebook links, it turns out the posters on Bosley’s Wall are part of Ms. MacTires fringe group. Many of them don’t even own pets.

    Well, I’ve now been outed as the person who infiltrates fringe groups, smiles beautifully and takes friendly pictures. What these defamatory statements have done, is taken away some of my ability to do that.

    Fortunately, it hasn’t taken away my ability to continue helping people solve their pets’ behavioral challenges and cope with grief. As I initially posted on Julia MacTire’s blog, support has been overwhelming. She and the present blogger have attempted to twist my honest response as passive aggressive.

    Not unlike superstitious Inquisitioners throwing a “devil possessed witch” in the river. They declared her guilty if she floated, innocent if she drowned.

    Reference: Malleus Maleficarum, medieval witch hunters guide. I can’t see why Ms. MacTire’s group wouldn’t own copies; it’s a standard reference for both hobbyists and college history departments.

    My Inbox is full, and my phone ringing with open minded and appreciative support. I was a horse and dog trainer until a spinal crush injury took that ability away. Many people are disgusted with the attempts to also shut down my ability to support myself as a consultant, and to finance animal rescue.

    Bosley’s, at least, has been kind enough to provide me with disability supports while I did $25 mini-sessions for those who can’t afford professional fees. The positive feedback to them was overwhelming. They canceled my July 20th event only as a matter of public perception.

    It’s extremely amusing that the majority of huffily irate “I’ll never shop in your store again!” complainants live in the US, far from any Bosley’s store. This blog originates in Illinois. And as I said, most of Ms. MacTire’s network are not pet owners.

    I deleted the Facebook posts I made drawing attention to Ms. MacTire’s defamation, due to threats posted by one of her friends. The authorities will be dealing with him. It’s quite typical of one who persecutes others’ spiritual beliefs to paint themselves as a tragic Victim. The Church Inquisitioners often began their seizures of healer/Animal Communicators’ property, person and animals with the allegations that the “witch” had seduced them. They did plenty of self aggrandizing weeping while sentencing village healers and their pets, to torture and death.

    If you’d like to know more, please visit my website.

    My Facebook:

    Yours truly,
    Reisa Stone
    Expert Animal Communicator and Energy Healer

  5. Bosley’s cancelled? Racist pricks. I just re-read the post and it confuses me a little that Reisa can communicate better with my pet from a photo that with my living, breathing pet itself. Hmmmm…. I wonder if my Dogs would just blow her off in person?

    No, I can’t imagine they’d be that disrespectful a person of Ukrainian blood. I wish I was Ukrainian. My aboriginal blood doesn’t help me keep their focus… But then aboriginal people aren’t as close to nature as Ukrainians, haven’t been prosecuted and killed as the Ukrainians have been, and certainly don’t know as much about quantum physics as Ukrainians. If only I’d been born into a Ukrainian family.

  6. Reisa Stone is really a scummy person, a scam artist who loves to bully and threaten.
    /Streisand Effect

  7. So it turns out that British Columbia has laws against criminal harassment. Who knew? Apparently not Reisa Stone.

    There’s a post from “Bosley’s Main” under the announcement for the event on Bosley’s North Delta’s FB page stating that the event will be cancelled. I reckon they hate Ukrainian necromancers?

  8. “However, I am getting quite a few good contacts from your blog post. Particularly from people who are against racism, experience a deep connection with animals, and have some knowledge of quantum physics”

    I am sorry, could you repeat this in a way that people who actually understand English will be able to follow your point?
    Are you also getting good contacts from people who mumble fish food to the banana tree?

  9. Actually, if anyone needs to know what I’m thinking, my Facebook page is linked on the sidebar.

    It’s free, but I do accept donations in the form of cheese, dried liver treats, hamburger, buns, hotdogs, sausages, sushi, noodles, chicken, bread, cookies, cake, ice cream, the last of whatever’s in your bowl or on your plate, crackers, cereal, dead birds, dead rats, dead anything, really…
    Tierce recently posted…Reisa Stone at Bosley’sMy Profile

  10. Regarding the article about ‘Dogs Who Know’…

    I’m not Ukrainian (I’m Native and Newfie and blond, so my people have indeed been prosecuted), me thinks there’s a BIG difference between the incredible bond between two living partners, whether dog-human, or what- not, and look ing at a picture of a dead cats eye and talking to it. But then again… I’m not Ukrainian.

  11. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. If you are as legitimate as you claim to be and can justify charging people $150 an hour for your services, such as they are, I wonder that you feel that you need to go above my head to my boss to… what? Punish me for speaking my mind about you claiming the ability to telepathically contact animals from the dead? Is that how you uphold your claims of authenticity?

    If you can stand on your own merits, you wouldn’t feel the need to hysterically attack people who think your claims are nonsense.

    I think your claims are false and that you’re taking money from people who are desperately searching for answers. You may apply stuff that actually works, like desensitization techniques and getting strong chemicals out of a pet’s living area, but wrapping it in the guise of being able to actually speak to animals is dead wrong. As is the claim to speak with dead animals – making money by telling people grieving over their dead pets stories to make them feel better. I think it’s reprehensible.

    I don’t really care about you, though. You can peddle your psychic wares to anyone foolish enough to listen. However, when a store chain that I shop at endorses you by creating an event and inviting you, I am not going to support them with my money. And that’s what I’m blogging about.

    Edited to add that if you think you really are truly psychic, head on over to the $1,000,000 Challenge and take it! I’ll be the first to print a retraction if you win.

    And it’s ‘Julie’.
    The Misanthropic Shiba recently posted…Reisa Stone at Bosley’sMy Profile

  12. To question one’s motives and techniques, especially when they involve parting people from their hard-earned money, is neither derogatory nor racist. If skeptics were said to be either for addressing people’s outlandish claims, I’m sure James Randi would be on a level with Hitler. Nowhere in the post or ad do I see reference to a Ukrainian tradition or technique for these “sessions”. I’d love to research the history of traditional Ukrainian animal psychics and their craft. I bet it would be a anthropological treat!

    And speaking of quantum physics, I’ll leave this here:

  13. Seriously Reisa? Do you really want to drag the fact that the soviets murdered 12 million Ukranians up to defend yourself? Really?

    I’m not even going to go into particulars about what your business is and what I think of it but as someone whose Grandfather had to flee his country and someone who grew up with my Ukranian Grandmother and Grandfather, I think the use of our history to attack someone who disagrees with you and call them a racist is reprehensible.

    I know you don’t feel it but you should be ashamed. You have resorted to the basest of all arguments, the ad-hominem attack. Don’t like someone’s argument? Attack the person.

    As for your claim of “sacred traditions”? I thought my Grandparents, my Father or some of my relatives and Ukranian friends would have mentioned them at some point. They may be sacred to YOU but I seriously doubt many Ukranians hold the same views.

    One final point. I know for CERTAIN Julie is not prejudiced against Ukranians. After all, she is my wife.

  14. I don’t want to live on this planet any more

  15. This blog post is not racism – it is common sense. I am against racism, experience a deep connection with animals, and am a quantum physicist. And I still think what Reisa “claims” to do is a bunch of b.s. Oh yeah, and Reisa, I’m a Jew. You want to make an issue out of your people suffering throughout history? I can beat you at that game. Apparently, I am in the wrong business as I guess I too could claim to “speak” to animals and make $150/hour. Better tell my quantum physicist friends to change careers!

  16. Thanks for the publicity! It’s sad that you’re making fun of my cultural traditions. Do you go to Aboriginal powwows and shout derogatory comments at the dancers and healers, as well? The Soviets slaughtered 12 million of my people, and I’m carrying on our sacred traditions. To make fun of my work is not a reflection of same. It is a reflection on you.

    However, I am getting quite a few good contacts from your blog post. Particularly from people who are against racism, experience a deep connection with animals, and have some knowledge of quantum physics. Keep going 😀

    Thank you!

    Reisa Stone

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