“Hachi” is coming out soon… and K9 Solutions has a mission for you!

Calling ALL dog lovers!

In honour of the effort by concerned dog lovers, I present to you these wonderful shirts, which I have made to aid people looking to educate others about the Shiba Inu.  No, I’m not for blindly urging people not to get Shibas, especially if they sound like people who are prepared for the kind of ‘interesting life’ owning a Shiba will give them.  However, I think the statement will provoke conversations which, if people are polite and informative, could lead the way for education about Shibas and responsible dog buying in general.  K9 Solutions has links to flyers that you can give people if they want some more information.

No Buy Shiba Cafepress Store

No Buy Shiba Value T-Shirt

No Buy Shiba Value T-Shirt

No Buy Shiba Dark T-Shirt

No Buy Shiba Dark T-Shirt

These shirts come in other styles and colors.  There are also mugs, stickers and buttons.  By purchasing these items, you will both put yourself in the position to educate people about the Shiba (and Akita) and fund Tierce’s beef stick chewing ambitions.

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  1. I checked the IMBD listing for the Hachiko movie. There seems to be some question as to whether it will be released in theaters, or will just be released as a DVD…I guess we “stay tuned” on this one.

  2. Hey, I write a newspaper pets column and am doing a story on Japanese breeds to coincide with the release of the Hachiko movie. I’d love to talk to you and I can’t find any contact info on this blog. Can you contact me? I assume you can see the email I typed in above… in case not I’ll check back here. I also messaged Tierce on Facebook but I know enough about the breed not to trust him to pass on the message just because I asked.

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