Brushing your Shiba’s Teeth

I don’t brush Tierce’s teeth. I am a bad, evil dog owner. I give my dogs bones and lots of chew toys. It’s not because I think that teeth cleaning is a waste of time – it’s not! But I don’t do it. However, if you’ve come here looking for teeth cleaning advice, I’ve compiled some Youtube videos that can help you out.

Here are some useful videos:

Here are some videos of Shibas having their teeth cleaned.

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The Misanthropic Shiba


  1. I am also an evil, horrible dog mom who doesn’t brush her dogs’ teeth. I used to, and the dogs carried on like I was killing them. Maybe if you start when they are puppies, this goes better? I got both my dogs when they were 4.

  2. Oh, right; Facebook Notes suck and don't embed Youtube videos. You have to go directly to the site, unfortun

  3. Tonka can get his teeth brushed as some as he learns how to brush his own teeth.

    Im a bad parent I admit but oh well!!

    What did dogs do before we did everything for them?

  4. I don’t do it either, and it doesn’t seem to cause her any problems. Every year I ask to book her for a cleaning and the vet says no, her teeth look great.

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