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Shiba Rage
This was a response to issues in one of my Shiba Inu Facebook groups, where queries about testing or purposeful breeding are often met with accusations of [...]
RIP Apollo and Kisu
  Me:  Tierce, I’ve got something to tell you. Tierce:  What, that you’ve finally decided to give me a block of cheese for Christmas? Me: [...]
Don’t Call Your Dog Your Furkid
I’m pretty sure that Elizabeth Broadbent is either afraid to step out her front door or rubbing her hands together and saying, “Yes… [...]
Sunday, June 7th, at around 23:30, Tierce was not feeling well.  Hunched over, shaking, panting, didn’t want food, didn’t want to walk.  Took [...]
Notes On Breeder Contracts in BC and Canada
Tonight at the Nanaimo Kennel Club (seriously, join your local kennel club and you too could possibly benefit from speakers like this), I had the privilege [...]
How things have changed
I found a dog training book: Paul Loeb’s Complete Book of Dog Training, by (perhaps unsurprisingly) Paul Loeb.  Copyright 1974. The training advice [...]
Fifty Shades of Spay
Okay, so I found out about this product: This is the Pet Stay Dog Restraint.  Now, it’s marketed as a ‘safe and effective’ way to groom [...]
Charity Begins At Home
Help Bring Max Home Tierce:  What is this?  What are you posting on my Facebook page? Me: Friend’s cat is sick.  Needs help in the form of money. [...]
Road Trials for Bicycle Dogs
  From March 23rd to May 1st, I am at Quadra Island Bike School for a mechanic course that covers pretty much everything that a bicycle has in it or [...]
Relatively Speaking
Tierce: What are you so happy about? Me:  I found some cousins.  Connected with them on Facebook. Tierce:  What’s so great about that?  Everyone [...]