Road Trials for Bicycle Dogs

  From March 23rd to May 1st, I am at Quadra Island Bike School for a mechanic course that covers pretty much everything that a bicycle has in it or on it. Cyclists and dogs sometimes have a very wary relationship, bordering on hostile.  This is, I believe, largely because irresponsible dog owners do not control their animals and don’t… Read more →

Relatively Speaking

Tierce: What are you so happy about? Me:  I found some cousins.  Connected with them on Facebook. Tierce:  What’s so great about that?  Everyone knows who their cousins are.  It’s in their pedigree. Me:  It doesn’t quite work that way, Tierce.  Humans don’t always know if someone’s related to them. Tierce:  Sure they do.  Just look in the OFA database. … Read more →

Fully Fenced Yard

One of my co-workers wanted an Australian Shepherd.  She is employed by the same dog daycare that employs me and works part-time for an obedience trainer, running the puppy training classes.  She already has a Boxer who attends daycare with her and occasionally demos in the classes. She was turned down by two different kennels.  The reason: she didn’t have… Read more →

The Double Standard

TMS Note:  This is a guest post by Christine, of I Am Shiba.  One of the long-standing Shiba blogs on the Internet, I Am Shiba chronicled the adventures of Cortez Squirrelsbane Shiba-san and his friends.  RIP Cortez.  We love you and miss you, even though we never met you in the fur.   Christine has made some excellent points in her… Read more →


  Me: What are you thinking? Tierce: If I took a running leap on top of the counter, I could eat that cheese wrapper. Me: What? Tierce: I mean, I would never do such a thing. While you were watching. Me: Apparently science says that while you have an emotional life, you don’t necessarily think that I do. Or that… Read more →

R.D. Lawrence on Dogs and Love

Love, I realized at that moment, is whole only if it is capable of letting go; if it is able to release the object of its stimulation when such a sacrifice is necessary. ~R.D. Lawrence, The North Runner Read more →

Sympathy For The Devil

In the wake of the sentencing of Emma Paulsen – Surrey’s notorious dog walker who left 6 dogs to die in her truck one May afternoon – an opinion has been rocking the BC Ferry. Adrian MacNair, in an op-ed entitled: Sympathy for the dog killer Paulsen, stated: I felt sympathy because Paulsen is going to lose her right to… Read more →

No Time For You

Me:  I’ve been thinking. Mischa:  Uh oh. Me:  I don’t like our dog anymore. Mischa: Why don’t you like our dog anymore? Me:  He’s not little and cute anymore.  And he’s old. Mischa:  He is damn cute.  And he’s only seven. Me:  Nearly eight. Mischa:  You love our dog. Me:  He doesn’t match the blinds. Mischa:  If he did, we’d… Read more →

The Weirdest Email Ever

It all started with a friend sharing this Facebook post. So, I sent this to a couple of British Columbia Search & Rescue groups: Subject: Donating body for the purpose of search dog training So, did that get your attention? Hi, my name is Julie and I’m writing you with a pretty weird question: Is it possible to donate one’s… Read more →

Dogs Are The Way We Are Feeling

This is a piece I did for a friend and co-worker’s Secret Santa present. Crayon and felt pen. The most challenging part was getting the brindle to look like short coat brindle. Read more →